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Monday, April 13, 2009

Home again

The ride home on Sunday was great, I was not in any huge hurry as it was only a two hour ride so I took my time packing my stuff. I felt as though I had had a pretty good sleep and Frank was also up and about early, shows you the benefits of an early night! The weather was fantastic, there was a bit of low lying fog at first but the sun soon got rid of that.We walked down to the coffee stall after my usual thorough ablutions and stood around chatting to friends, a bunch of guys had partied through the night and one of them passed out on a chair, I don't know where the lance came from but we called him "The Gatekeeper", I just hope they all slept it off befor heading home.
We said our goodbyes, Frank was taking a different route to meet up with the club guys riding down from Vredenburg for the day, my intention was to meet up with Janet and Linda for lunch in Langebaan but first a breakfast was on the cards, I pulled into the shopping centre in Kommetjie to go to the Wimpy and by sheer coincidence Lesley (my sister-in-law) and Mike had just arrived so we had breakfast together.
After that it was the ride home which I thoroughly enjoyed, I pulled into Melkbos to visit with Dave and Nikki and had a cup of coffee there. It was good to see that Dave is on the mend since his bike accident on the Polar Bear run last September, much more mobile now although he has to use a crutch for a while longer.
Janet, Linda and I had a very good lunch at "Friday Island", a nice little restaurant on the beach which we will certainly visit again. A great way to end off a really enjoyable weekend. One thing I have to tell you about though is that I got stopped in a road block and the traffic cop could find nothing wrong with my bike except that my number plate had a small sticker at the bottm which said "The Woods."
"That is illegal!" he said, "You must remove it or you will get a fine."
I showed him that it was sticker and scratched a little bit of it off and he was happy, I was just about to ride off when I noticed that my sticker now said; "The Woo s" - Not good! I stayed there and cleaned it all off.
That was my last rally for a while now, winter's coming so it may just be the occasional breakfast run, but there will still be plenty of riding opportunities.

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