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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend

We have just moved peacefully through another Easter weekend in South Africa and the death toll on the roads was considerably less than in previous years, this is great news but why was that? Was it because the mini-bus taxis stayed off the roads? They are the ones who ignore stop signs and red lights, was it because there were less drunk pedestrians crossing the roads? I have been cruising along the N1 outside of Capetown near the Stellenbosch off-ramp and have had to slow down suddenly for a drunk trying to run across the freeway.
Was it because of a new "No tolerance" attitude by the traffic authorties with intensified road blocks? I don't think so because on a trip down to Capetown, and then to Paarl for lunch with a couple of bottles of wine, back to Capetown and then to Saldanha I didn't see one single traffic cop, so what was it? Is it a new attitude adopted by South African motorists after many years of driving with one eye closed so that you can see the white lines converging ahead?
I haven't found out what the answer is yet, it's a mystery but we will investigate and we will keep you informed.
Apparently the new 12 point penalty system is going to be introduced by 2012 - Fuck! This is going to be very difficult for me because I do tend to speed, I am generally a law abiding citizen but speed limits are for ordinary people and I am unable to adhere to them.
Things are going to get boring here, there is talk of electric engines for cars and motorbikes, I'm so glad that by then I will be too old to ride anyway. We love the petrol guzzling, atmosphere polluting internal combustion engine and by the time you see me running around on one of those little electric "old people" carts I will have a plastic orange on the aerial and an "STP" sticker on the back and I will be wearing a "Buffalo rally" tee shirt!
Anyway it will be many years before any of this happens and in the meantime we will carry on making plans to divert attention from our number plates! It is just so different on a motorbike, you cannot expect us to behave the same way as you do in your cars, if you haven't been out on the open road on a bike you don't know what it's like so please don't expect us to behave like you .As a case in point; I'll bet you didn't notice what kind of motorbike this is?!
Speaking about the Easter weekend...........we actually had a good one and I will tell you about it next time, I hope that yours was good as well. Bye for now.

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