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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day 2 on the rally

Day two started out like all of the other rallies do, the sun was shining hotly into my tent (is "hotly" a word?) and the bloody bikers were making a hell of a noise. It was 11h00 when I woke up and staggered bladderfully across to the ablution block, which was a hell of a lot further away from my tent than it was at the Buff. Usually you can find a spot behind a bush where you can empty your bladder but you need some better place to brush your teeth. Again the showers were under serious pressure and this guy was having trouble getting in, I was quite happy to just throw some water over my head and get on with it, after my ablutions I walked along rally street and had the first of several cups of coffee to get the day going. I had missed the mass ride which was a shame, but I headed into the town to buy some supplies (more whisky) and I ended up having a lunch as well. Frank had not surfaced so I was on my own but was I worried? After a bit of a ride around I headed back to the rally site and after parking and covering the big red machine I walked back down rally street to see what was going on. I walked around for a bit and people greeted me but there was no friendship going on, (and here I can hear you all saying "Aawwh shame!") so I wandered down to the main tent and I heard a familiar voice shout "hey" and it was my buddy Dick and his attractive lady Janet. You can see that I am looking a bit jaded! We sat and listened to the music and had a few drinks but they had to leave, Dick and Janet rode out of the site on their new ST1300 looking so good, happy people. I watched the "Mr Boep" competition and the "Wet tee shirt" competition, guess which one I prefered! The lady who won could actually flex her bosoms - awesome! Some people are just so talented. There was a lot of entertainment throughout the afternoon and evening, including a very good couple who performed some really enjoyable rock and country music, there was a bit of karaoke which is always good for a laugh. At some time in the late afternoon Frank showed up and I was gradually able to persuade him to have a beer.
We stayed for the lucky draw proceedings during which some lucky bloke won R15,000 in cash and two others won a scooter each, I wouldn't have known what to do with a scooter but the cash would have come in handy!
After that it was time for something to eat, another really good curry and rice. We chatted with people for a while but things were catching up on me and I was feeling really tired, it was about 9.30 when I climbed into my sleeping bag - perchance to sleep? The end of a very good day on a nice rally and the ride home to look forward to.

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