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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Brain gain

Here's a very cool picture from the mass ride on Saturday morning in Mosselbay.
I read a very interesting article in the latest Bike SA magazine (or Bark Essay depending on your origin.) which I would like to pass on to you;
Nintendo Scientists prove that motorcycles keep you young
Scientists working on a Nintendo program called "brain training" have discovered the means to an extended youth - motorcycles. Apparently motorcycles invigorate the brain thereby keeping people young.
Think about it; when you are riding your bike you have to stay alert and are continually making judgements and decisions. In a car the only thing you have to worry about is not bumping the chap in front of you, and not falling asleep.
The scientists did an experiment where they took a group of middle-aged men who hadn't been riding motorcycles for over a decade. They then split them into two groups. One group was asked to commute by bike for two months while the other group continued to commute by cars and other means.
At the end of the two months the two groups were subjected to tests to check brain cognition and the group that had been riding motorcycles showed up to a fifty percent improvement while the car drivers had deteriorated.
I love this and it just goes to prove what I have known all along; that I have a superior brain and all of you car drivers are a bunch of mini-brains!
Frank and I have been worrying about the weather for the coming weekend trying to decide whether to go to the "Slangkop" rally or not, we have been put off by the terrible ride home we had the last time. (Covered in an earlier post.) The weather site "Windfinder" predicts only a slight chance of a little rain on Saturday, but Janet made my mind up for me when she said;
"Linda is coming for the weekend so you will have the two of us here."
That's it, I'm going!
Anyway what are we, bikers or moefies?!
Stay on two wheels for your brain.


Anonymous said...

That's motorcyclists, so therefore bicyclists must be even brighter! :-))

Ha Ha


andrew said...

I doubt that my friend, the speed at which you guys travel you have about a week to make any decisions or judgements!
Looking forward to seeing you over here real soon, if you want I'll make sure there's a bicycle here for you!?

The Hales' said...

We can't wait, get the rooikrans ready and the Savanha chilling we will be there before you know it. Not much sleeping going on here, we are too excited. :-))


Christie said...

I have to comment on this blog Dad - I think this is just an excuse for old men to behave badly!!! How many of these 'scientists' rode bikes? They make console games - not a very grown up profession, hey? But if it is true then surely all the alcohol that is consumed kills off all the brain cells anyway.