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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Life is good!

This was the view from my office this morning as we cruised out to the mussel farm, beautiful hey? The only problem is that it is getting near to winter and it is getting more and more difficult to read my newspaper on the way out, you bloody people may think that I have a lekker job going out on the water every day, having a picnic prepared by Janet at 10am every day and being able to eat oysters whenever I want, with my lemon juice and tabasco sauce, but it's not all that it's cracked up to be!
If I can't read my paper on the way out then my cup of coffee is not as good.
For the whole six hours today the bloody barge was bouncing and swaying around because of the wind, it's almost like being in the gym for six hours. So much so that when I first stepped off the boat when we got alongside I actually staggered! Anybody watching would have been excused for thinking I was pissed.
Everything is cool though, my biorythm chart is predicting that my physical biorythm will be up to around +100 during the Easter weekend, how cool is that? Ok my intelectual and emotional will be right down but those have never been very important, those are the ones that have been high for a while and look where that has got me!? Here is a picture taken in Mosselbay when my emotional and intellectual biorythms were high and the physical was low, now can you imagine what it would have been like when the opposite was the case? I probably would have held my stomach in better!
Life is good though, three new people have recently arrived; Elliot Roa in Oregon USA, Jacques Benoit Spijker in New Zealand and Rebecca-Jane Schenk in South Africa, all born to my neices so I am a Great Uncle three times over! I may not see much of these youngsters but I hope that they will eventually read this blog.
Wouldn't it be great if I could be an influence in their lives? I wish.

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