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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tell me what you think

This photo is my cellphone wallpaper at the moment.
Just look at this, it was taken at about 0800 on Friday last week and it shows the big red machine loaded for the rally, here I had everything that I needed for a fantastic weekend away; my tent, my blanket sleeping bag which Janet made for me because I didn't want any really hot or thick commercial sleeping bag, my inflatable doll - sorry I mean matress, the pump for inflating the do...matress. My spare clothes, a whisky flask and a steel drinking cup, my toiletries, change of clothes and my camera and I was good to go! All packed in the standard BMW lugage except for the tent, is that a great looking bike or what?!
Rallies are good for a man. Let's examine that statement and I'm sure that you ladies will be happy to let your man go off to a bike rally the next time you hear that there is one in your area, even if he doesn't yet own a bike.
When you arrive at a rally you are immediately recognised and welcomed as a "biker", here is the definition;
A biker is;
Superior to other road users and should be allowed to speed past you.
Given right of way, if one comes up behind you at a hellofa speed - move over.
Sexy and Macho, whenever you can, take a photo of one.
Worthy of a hug, next time you come into contact with one...........hug himActually I am a bit worried, I often wear this pisspot helmet for mass rides and local jaunts while I am at rallies but I have become a bit concerned that I might look a bit "dorky" in it. This is a major concern because I concentrate hugely on looking cool when riding, for instance I NEVER ride in shorts or tackies and I would not be seen dead on a scooter, but I ask you with tears in my eyes; look at this next photo taken at the Buffalo Rally in Port Elizabeth in 2006 and tell me what you think.Not really scary hey? Is it the smile? It's the same dumb smile as a couple of years later, real bikers don't smile at the camera, I mean would you be scared of this guy in a pub? I think I have some work to do. What's with the left hand on the thigh? I can't wear the biker head scarf thing, I mean I look like a bloody maid with that on, I've tried ones with swear words on, with skulls on and the cammo ones but they just don't work for me.
I will actually show some photos in a future post but tell me what you think.
Rest assured though, I am a rough, tough biker scum - I am not a nice guy. Don't mess with me - please!
We are bikers and we take corners on two wheels.


Christie said...

Ahh Daddy! You are a very tough biker and don't let anyone tell you different!!

Have to say though - the pisspot helmet is not really that cool BUT I would pay money to see you in a dookie, I mean headscarf!!

the rider said...

Yes Babe I think I have to junk that helmet, even Frank said "You're not wearing that are you? It doesn't look the part." I think he was just too polite to tell me that it looks dorky! I'll change over to the headscarf thing at the next rally.

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