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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 2 on the Buff

Images from the previous night's entertainment were still fresh in my mind as the same sounds woke me up on Saturday morning. Or had I even slept? It's not a very comfortable place; a tent with an inflatable mattress and a sleeping bag, but I didn't feel too bad so I must have had some sleep. After ablutions (I gave up on a shower, the queue was right the way out of the door) I wandered down to the Christian Motorcycle Association coffee tent and had two cups of Ricoffee, not my favourite but they did the trick.
I wandered down through the stalls area, already the tattoo parlour was busy again (gotta do that sometime soon!) I had a look at all of the accessories on offer and then headed back to the camp site. Frank had woken up by then so we went down to the Promenade restaurant on the beach for a breakfast.
My friend Alan phoned, I had offered to take his daughter on the mass ride again as I did last year and he wanted to know if I could get a ride for her friend. I approached Willie and asked; "Would you be willing to take an 18year old chick on your bike for the mass ride?" he shouted "YES! where is she?" I eventually got him calmed down. Bikers! I don't know.
The mass ride was good, a huge number of bikes cruising through the town, around the point area and then out along the main road and through the township. It was very impressive and the streets were lined with townspeople encouraging the bikers.
After the ride was over we met for a couple of beers but I needed food, I eventually found a very nice little restaurant where I was able to sit and eat a very reasonable seafood platter and enjoy a couple of glasses of wine. The food stalls in the rally site are very good but most of the food items are encased in bread of some sort and you have to eat standing up, there is nowhere to sit and the food drips down your elbows or squirts onto your shoulders.
After my meal I cruised around the town for a while, the place was incredibly busy! All of the pubs and restaurants were bursting at the seams with happy bikers, what a huge cash injection the rally must be for the town. Another camp fire scene developed that evening after the lucky draw in the main tent, the first prize of a cheque for R100,000 was won by a woman who promised that she would share it with her husband. In all of the rallies I have been to I have never won any prizes!
It was another late night even though we had a long ride on Sunday, it was festive night and at some stage these guys came round looking for liquor donations! I don't know how he would be feeling for his ride home! It had been an eventful and enjoyable day, another typical day on a rally and I know now why it is that we enjoy them so much. I was looking forward to the ride home the next day as I crawled wearily into my tent, it was still noisy but I was sure I would sleep.

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