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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Biking Rules!

It's already Thursday and I only got the opportunity to wash the big red machine this evening! I started feeling guilty, can you believe that? She's been sitting in the garage in a dirty state since Sunday afternoon! In my defence it has been seriously hot of late and I have also been very busy at work, anyway now she is gleaming again and Janet and I might go for an evening cruise tomorrow. These summer evenings are absolutely beautiful.
I was going over the post for the Freedom Road Rally and I think I might have given you the wrong impression there, it was not just one long piss-up! We did do other stuff.
I was trying to work out what it is that attracts us to biking, it certainly gets into your blood and I know for a fact that I will be doing it for many years to come, but what is it?
It's not just a guy thing because there are more and more lady riders these days, and it's not just the appreciation of the internal combustion engine although the bellowing exhaust note is definitely a contributing factor.
Cliche's spring to mind; Freedom, excitement, Cameraderie/Brotherhood.
The feeling, the experience is fantastic, the anticipation as I swing my leg over and settle into the saddle, my hands on the grips feeling the vibration - waiting and wanting to GO!
There is definitely a feeling of freedom when we are out in the country, speeding along some previously unexplored roads.
I love the way the bike responds to my inputs; diving into corners as I pull slightly on the outside bar, do I countersteer with a push on the inside bar or a pull on the outside one?
You pull in the clutch, blip the throttle and click the gear lever down and with a slight movement of your right wrist the bike surges ahead, small movements but you feel in control, much more involved than if you were travelling in a car.
Travelling by bike is much better than travelling by car, in a car you will take the shortest, most direct route to your destination but on a bike you will most likely take a longer route just for the sheer enjoyment of the ride.
Cameraderie/Brotherhood - I really enjoy being a biker, a part of a huge brotherhood that transcends barriers of race and class, when we are out on a rally or any other biking function we are all bikers together and it is a wonderful feeling.
Have I made sense here? I know that if you are a biker reading this you will no doubt agree with me, you may have other points to contribute which I would love to hear. If you are not a biker maybe you found it interesting, maybe it went some way to explaining why there are so many of us out there?


Dan said...

I'd have to say that being in an open top car without the claustrophobia of a helmet, maybe not as exciting as a bike, I still share your enjoyment of the open road.

the rider said...

Here's topic for a debate! Helmets are not claustrophobic and if I were not a biker I could enjoy a sports car, but controlling a bike is far more enjoyable, and more involved than driving a car. You are right though boet, the open road is great!