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Monday, March 23, 2009

2009 Buffalo Rally

I eventually rode out of Saldanha at 0840 on Friday, it was already a beautiful sunny and wind free morning and I could tell that it was going to be a great day. The anticipation had been building up all week and I couldn't wait to get work over with and get out on the road, I had made a list of the things I needed and had done most of the packing the previous night, now it was time and the big red machine was idling beneath me as eager to get going as I was.
I was alone on the ride, most of the guys, including Frank, had left the previous day but I was ok with that, I like riding alone sometimes; cocooned in a world of intensity and concentration is a phrase that I heard from someone and it is entirely appropriate.
I sped out through the slight chill of the early morning along the R45 through Hopefield and then the R311 through Mooreesburg and into the Riebeek valley, most of the ride was going to be exactly the same as the previous rally except a little further along the N2, but that didn't worry me at all - it's a fabulous ride.
For the first two hours I didn't see any other bikes but when I pulled into the Whistle Stop at Worcester there were plenty around. I had a good breakfast and chatted to a couple of people and then mounted up to move on, I had now arranged to meet some of the guys in Swellendam for the first beer of the day.
As I have already mentioned I really enjoy the ride from there and as I was riding out of Worcester I saw nine bikes pull out onto the road ahead of me, I tagged along at the back of the line and soon we were blasting along the R60 towards Robertson at 180kph! It was a wonderful exhilerating ride, I know that it is illegal but it Man was it good! They all stopped in the town so I carried on through on my own again at a slightly more sedate pace and pulled into the garage at Ashton to fill up, travelling a speeds like that plays havoc with the fuel consumption!
Another good high speed run from Ashton to Swellendam soon had me cruising into the town looking for my buds and my first cold Castle - both of which went down very well indeed. (There's no such thing as one beer!)
I enjoyed the run along the N2 even though the road was very busy, mainly because there were hundreds of bikes about, in all of the towns and at all of the watering holes, along the road and in the laybyes the bikers were gathered and having a good time.This interesting looking place is just about ten kilometres from Mossel Bay and seemed like an ideal place to stop, I had seen it before but had not had the time to go in. As with all of the places along the route there were plenty of bikers there and I spent a very pleasant half hour or so over a cold beer.
The run into Mossel Bay was soon over and I was cruising slowly into the incredibly crowded camp site, the vibe was great and I managed to find my friends and get my tent set up. Frank had had a heavy night the previous night as I had expected and was "resting" in his tent.Does this look at all familiar?
We had a good evening wandering around the many food and accessories stalls, it's very well organised and set up like a small town and we ended the evening off with a very good braai at our camp. The meat was great and ably braaiied by everyone and a party developed because as I have already mentioned in previous posts; bikers know how to party!It was a late night/early morning and a great time was had by all, there was still a lot of the weekend left, a lot more Buffalo Rally to experience and as I crawled wearily into my tent the usual rally noises made a happy cacophony; loud music, loud laughter and loud revving of motorbike engines - what a pleasure!


Anonymous said...

Who drew the short straw and had to bring the half drum on the bike?

Looks like a good time was had, keep the posts coming.

Pool Nemesis.

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