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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ogling pretty girls

I have just got back from a very nice day in Capetown; I left home at 0740 after cooking a fresh batch of mussels to take to the research institute along with those from Monday and Tuesday, I thought that I was leaving a bit late because I also had to get the big red machine to the BMW agency for its 40,000km service.
I had previously contacted Frank and talked him into spending a day at the Waterfront, he didn't need much persuasion and he agreed to meet me there.
It was a bit windy today, especially on the way home, but it turned out that leaving just that 40 minutes later than the last two times made a huge difference; the traffic was much better! Although I still had to do a lot of lane splitting the traffic was nowhere near as chaotic and I dropped the sample off at 0905. From Wynberg to the Waterfront was quite congested but I was at the bike shop by 0920.
The young mechanic's name was Andrew and as he wheeled my baby into the clinically white painted workshop I stifled a sob and said to him; "Remember, that's the most important motorbike that you have ever worked on!"
He looked at me compassionately (at least that was how I read it) and said "Don't worry, she's in good hands."
Frank parked his bike at the workshop and we wandered off to explore the Waterfront and ogle the pretty young women, of which there were happily quite a few.
We sat in the sun and drank a couple of cold beers, did quite a bit of ogling and then had a really good seafood platter for lunch, it was a really nice way to spend a working day and by 1430 my bike was ready.
We had a good fast cruise back out along the R27, as we arrived at the pub "Juffroeshoogte" Frank said to me "You're a bloody hooligan!"
"What are you talking about?" I asked, somewhat taken aback.
"Speeding like that!" he said, I must admit I had been going pretty fast but the wind was behind us and pushing pretty hard.
We stood around in the pub and had a couple of cold ones, a good ending to a very enjoyable day and now the big red machine is good for another 10,000kms.
Now we wait for the mussel samples to be tested to see if can resume production, this is the fourth week and the market is crying out for fresh mussels. All of my customers have been phoning to find out when they can get them again.
I think it's good for them to wait, it will make them appreciate us more.
I'm not sure where the next ride will be, there is a breakfast run on Sunday to the Hermon Hotel which is about 120kms from here but Janet is not too keen on those runs, mostly because of unfriendly people and the language difference (he said tactfully). Maybe we'll just do our own breakfast run somewhere, I'll let you know.

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