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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Getting older!

It's 10am and already the temperature is in the high 30s! We're not going to be doing much today, it's going to be a slow day. We started the day well though, the usual early morning spa bath with a bottle of JC Leroux sparkling wine and again I had to be very careful when pouring, Janet watches like a hawk to see that the levels are exactly equal. I was thinking that maybe I must start a voting panel on the blog so that you guys can decide if it's fair or not or who gets the most!
Yesterday we had round two of the F.A. cup for 2009 and I managed to win 6-4, last week I won 6-5 and they have all been close games, last week for instance Frank won the first 5 games in a row and I was thinking that I was in for a hiding but I managed to dig deep, pull myself together and I won the next six games. Sometimes you wouldn't think they were friendly games with the amount of swearing that goes on between the two of us! It's a good afternoon though.
In a couple of months time I will be 60!
Let me just try and get my head around that for a moment!
As far as I can remember it was always my Dad and his friends that were turning 60, that didn't seem so long ago now it's me and my friends!
Janet recently bought me a nose hair trimmer that makes my eyes water, and that's not with gratitude either.
The last time I went to the hairdresser I asked the young lady to show me the back of my head when she had finished and when she held up the mirror I asked loudly; "Did you thin my hair out at the back like that?" at first she thought I was serious and started saying things like "NO, no I didn't, it was like..........no it wasn't me.." by then I was laughing as were the other people in the salon and she relaxed and laughed as well, I don't know what she was thinking though.
One of the worst things is the number of young people (girls) who call me "Oom" (Uncle).
I pretty much don't care, I'm comfortable with myself and as long as I can still get my leg over I'm going to keep riding my motorbike, that keeps me feeling young. But why does hair stop growing where you need it and grow where you don't need it? Who needs nose hair? Who needs hair on your back? It's not fair!
Anyway enough of that, I think I'm going to go out and eat sushi today and then tomorrow we will have a couple of people around for a braai.
My last three mussel samples that I took down on Wednesday proved clear so the red tide is gone and we can get back into production on Monday, it will be good to get some income flowing back into the business and now the ropes have gained a month so all should be well.
Next weekend it is Valentine's day and I am taking Janet away for a surprise merantic weekend, this something that I have never done before, ever since I have known her, so we'll see how it goes. Sure, I have taken her out for dinner on those nights in the past but this is the first time that I have ever taken her somewhere, she doesn't know where we are going so I will let you know how it goes. She will have to pack some smart casual gear and high heel shoes into the bike panniers but it's only for two nights so that shouldn't be a problem.
I have booked and paid for the two rallies; the Freedom Road at the end of this month and the Buffalo on 21st March and I have organised my two Fridays off so I'm all set, you will hear about both of those in later posts, I'm looking forward to both of those weekends.

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Christie said...

Hey Dad - I love this entry. I think that as long as you can ride a bike you are young When you are too old to ride a bike we can get you one of those motorised chairs and kit it out so you can raise hell on one of them - see loads to look forward to! I love that you are treating mum - you are fab Dad (even if you are a dirty old man!!)