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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cool evening ride

Well folks this blog has been going since June last year and it appears to be going pretty well so far, I have enjoyed writing it and it appears that most of you enjoy reading it, that is those who haven't stopped reading it for various reasons like boredom or something like that. Anyway in support of my claim that it has been going well I submit this picture of me with my biggest fan;Last Saturday turned out to be one of those extremely hot days with virtually no wind, the temperature was in the high 30s so we decided not to do much at all, but that evening was fantastic! A beautiful calm and warm evening with a glorious sunset so we decided to go for a quiet cruise and pay a visit to a couple of pubs.
Because it was so warm we decided to forgo the whole heavy safety gear in favour of a tee shirt and the biker colours jacket, I know that this is not so safe but we were only doing a local cruise. We headed off through Vredenburg and out towards Velddrif and it was just so great to be out in the countryside on such a lovely evening.
On the R27 heading from Velddrif I suddenly got that old familiar feeling, I have mentioned it before; that feeling of being seriously macho and stunning so we just had to stop and take some photos of me.
I pulled off the road and gave Janet the camera; "Now darling, what you see in the viewfinder is what the picture will look like, so compose it nicely." This is an instruction that I have given to her often but she seems to ignore it.
Janet started clicking away, I told her to take a few from different angles in the hope that one or two would come out alright. For some reason she hasn't quite got the "thing" about taking photos.
"Get down low." I said to her, meaning that she should lie down on the ground and take one from a nice low angle, she frowned at me and bent her legs slightly and I thought better of pushing the point. Anyway, here's one of the photos;I must admit that I do look rather splendid - don't you think so?
After the photoshoot was over we pressed on and had a beer at "Juffroeshoogte", this place is under new management and they have spent quite a bit of money revamping the place, they have made it look quite smart but it has never been a very busy place.
Back on the bike and a nice quick ride through the cooling evening to the "Drop Anchor", a biker bar close to home where we had another two cold ones in the unfortunately very smoky atmosphere, they haven't made any separate area for non smokers. I think the message is if you don't like it you can go somewhere else.
The weekend is coming up and it looks like the weather is going to be good so hopefully we will be going on the bike, I will let you know how it goes.


The Hales' said...

Janet seems to be doing ok with the camera thing, but she still needs to do a bit of work on the making you look good part, it will be a hard job, but I am sure she will eventually manage! The picture by Simon was very good, who is it?
Miles :-)

andrew said...

Hi Miles, yes it's getting more and more difficult, she forgets when pointing the camera at me to say "OK pull your stomach in NOW!" That is a good picture isn't it? Some tough buker guy from his imagination.

The Hales' said...

Is that a picture of Janet on the'Suzi', in the bikini, if it is you take really mean shots of her and should coach her a bit more!