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Friday, January 30, 2009

Rush hour 3

One positive aspect of the "red tide" that has closed us down for the past three weeks is that I have been able to do three bike trips down to the research institute during working hours, what a pleasure! I took samples down on Monday and eighty kilometres of the road was shrouded in a very heavy fog, that slowed me down a bit but I was amazed to note the number of idiots out there, actually I lost count of the number of fools who were driving along with either no headlights on at all, or just their park lights showing. I wish I could tell them how bloody stupid they are! Maybe a letter to the Cape Times will do it.
This morning it was lovely, if a little cold at first but an extra jersey under the jacket sorted that out. Again once I got to just short of the Bayside shopping centre the traffic was seriously backed up and I had to split lanes all the way from there. Most motorists leave a big enough gap but every now and then you get one who tries to close it so as not to let us past.
You should see some of the Capetown riders who obviously do this every day! They speed through those gaps ducking and diving through the traffic, I only do it once every now and then so I am a little more cautious and perhaps a little hesitant but still it is very enjoyable.
I made it from home to the research institute in an hour and a half in spite of the traffic as opposed to the one occasion when I used the bakkie and it took me two and a half hours; an hour to the outskirts of town and then an hour and a half to the institute!
On the way home I stopped off for a nice Wimpy breakfast and then enjoyed the cruise out along the R27.
I said there was one positive aspect of this shut down but actually there are a couple more; my mussel ropes were getting a bit young because of the huge amounts we harvested in December so being able to age them by nearly a month will help a lot. Also we have had time to get a lot of maintenance and oyster sorting done.
We're off to Capetown tomorrow for a bit of a festive weekend with friends and this afternoon the F.A. Cup pool competition resumes for 2009, that is the Frank and Andrew cup! I'll let you know how it goes.
Another rally coming up at the end of Feb; the Freedom Road CMA (Christian Riders Association) rally in Stilbaai which is a good 400kms from here, a great ride. The only downside to the rally is the fact that there is no beer tent inside the site so everyone makes use of the bars and the bottle stores in the town, usually a good rally though and I'll tell you all about it.
Remember Bro's if you're in control you're going too slow!

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The Hales' said...

It's snowing here bahhh!!! I got a new red bike, but the power unit is a bit underpowered and nearing sixty, but the Tableview traffic wouldn't be a problem for me either, a few hours and I would be in CT too ha ha, and no polution, except possibly a bit of gas.