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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Random stuff until something happens

It has been nine days since my last blog entry! Forgive me..............but there hasn't been much to write about, we haven't had a braai, we haven't ridden the bike but we did drink a few beers! The weather has been so miserable for the last week, serious winds that will hopefully disperse the "red tide" that has been keeping us out of business for the past nine days also make it unpleasant on the bike.
I did manage to go for a ride today, I got home early and decided use the big red machine to go and buy the toilet paper and chewing gum that Janet wanted me to get. The wind had died down a bit but it was still blustering from the north, usually a precursore of rain on the west coast.
It was great to get out and so I decided to ride to a distant supermarket; the Pick 'n Pay in Vredenburg which is a whole 17kms away! After having carefully selected the correct 2ply toilet paper and the sugar free gum I was back out on the bike and threading my way through the traffic to Vredenburg Yamaha, the bike shop for a cup of coffee.
I don't know where all this is heading, on a positive note I collected my entry form for the Buffalo Rally which is in Mossel Bay on the weekend 20 - 22 March. That will be something to write about; a 500km ride to one of the major South African rallies with a bunch of like-minded biker scum, when we lived in the Transkei I used to go to the Buffalo Rally when it was held in Port Elizabeth in the early eighties. (That's another story.)
This Saturday the local bike clubs are getting together for another B.A.D. run - Bikers Against Drugs, we have done several of them where we ride through the towns handing out pamphlets and trying to talk to young people about the dangers of drug abuse, this one will be covered by SABC TV so I imagine there will be a huge crowd of bikers eager to get on TV. We'll be there of course, trying to get on TV and I will tell you all about it in the next post.

That's not us! That's a random picture that someone sent to me so I thought I would send it on to you, it just shows that bikers are made up of all types even ones that ride without a rear number plate as shown in the photo, that is against the law!

Here's another one but as you can see he's getting pulled over so remember guys, don't break the law and keep the rubber side down and the shiny side up.


Christie said...

Wow Dad - you must be growing up. You never use to like to admit or be seen buying toilet paper!!

The Hales' said...

It's the sugar free gum that concerns us :-(

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