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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Beira Mar

You wouldn't think that down this little dirt road is one of the best restaurants, if not the best restaurant, on the west coast - would you? It's a well kept secret although not that well kept anymore apparently because we couldn't get in last week, it was fully booked. How rude!
This weekend I made sure of our place and booked early for Sunday lunch, we had intended going through on the motorbike and I am not sure if I should admit this to you, I feel like a bit of a traitor but it was just so damn hot and the thought of sitting in the restaurant in my jeans and boots wasn't so appealing when using the bakkie meant that I could wear shorts, slops and a tee shirt.
It was good to see Don and Connie again although they are so busy that there is very little time for conversation, they are such lovely people but they have no time for socialising but that's what having a successful restaurant is all about.This was the view from our table, absolutely wonderful! In between courses you can walk down and cool your feet in the sea and on a hot day, like it was today that is such a lovely thing to do.
I had a calamari tentacle starter, really delicious and seriously flavoured with lemon and lots of garlic, if the people I talk to tomorrow have a problem with the garlic that's their problem not mine, I really love garlic and will have it on anything.
Does that look good or what?!
Don told me that he didn't have the baby Yellowtail today but he did have some fresh Cob which is what I went for, Janet had Potuguese chicken which is the whole chicken "spatch-cocked" and basted in a delicious spicy sauce, much of which I will be having for my dinner tonight.
I had the Cob, which is a lovely textured fish called "Kabeljoe" locally and I was served two fillets where in any other restaurant I would just have been given one, the thing about Beira Mar is that their portions are seriously good value apart from the fact that the food is so well prepared, my fish was melt-in-the-mouth fresh and seriously delicious. Long may they carry on and prosper, they deserve it.
Now get this - They are bikers! 'nuff said.
Here is the front of the restaurant, upstairs is Don and Connie's living area with a lovely big deck but I doubt that they have much time to enjoy it.
Don't ask me for directions to Beira Mar, as far as I'm concerned too many bloody people already know where it is!


Christie said...

I hope you will take us there when we visit!! I need that calamari.

the rider said...

It would be my absolute pleasure! You guys would love the place.