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Sunday, November 9, 2008

That's it - what's the point?

It's done! We're packed and ready to go, actually it wasn't as painful or as big a problem as I thought it might be; I packed my case with a spare pair of jeans, six pairs of under rods, six pairs of socks, six shirts, one jersey and one pair of shorts and a pair of light shoes. This still left space for Janet's trainers and her high heel shoes fitted into her case, so far the back pack is very light with the toiletries and a few little odds and sods.
We had a nice weekend in Capetown; Saturday we went to a Rhodesians weekend at "Mano's Restaurant" in Greenpoint, the food was outstanding and it just kept coming; chicken livers, calamari, peri peri chicken and chips and all for just R100 per person - excluding the drinks which were ridiculously expensive, but it was great.
We're off on the road tomorrow and we'll be away for ten days. I have found that there is nobody reading this blog! We met up with Rory and Penny for breakfast today and they had no idea of what was going on, they knew nothing about the Polar bear run and Dave's accident or about our upcoming trip which they would have done had they been reading the blog.
One of my other buddies who I asked "Have you been reading my blog?" said "Actually no I haven't for a while, what's the address again?"
I have enjoyed writing it up to now.
This trip's going to be good though.
I have subsequently received your messages, thank you for that and I have decided to carry on writing it, it has become a sort of hobby which I find relaxing, so stick with me.


Anonymous said...

Hey! we are reading your Blog... love the pictures and stories that go with them... don't give up - we will put word out... :-)
Nicky & Dave

Anonymous said...

Hey, Andrew don't spit the dummy I read it all the time and it keeps me in touch with whats going on over there.

Anonymous said...

Hey Hey Hey! Avid reader over here says carry on. It's the quality of the author and the audience thats important, not the quantity!

Your pool nemesis.

Christie said...

Gee Whiz Dad that was like all your toys out of the cot in one foul swoop! I need you to carry on writing - I admit I do not read it every day but I love the way you write and tell stories - makes me want to come home.
I hope to see details of your adventure on here when you get back.
from you little girl