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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Holiday ride

Ok we are on a two week break from the 10th of November, Monday and we are going on a bike ride! We have been talking about the trip for a while now and I am getting very excited about it, we have been looking at the map and doing some planning and last week we bought a very nice back pack for Janet to wear on the bike, this will give us that little bit of extra space that we need for her hair dryer, the pair of high heel shoes that she wants "just in case we have to go somewhere nice with Joy and Arnie." and all of our toiletries.
My toiletries consist of a toothbrush, a razor and some suntan moisturiser but on a recent trip to the supermarket Janet spent quite a lot of money on some smaller versions of what she normally uses; like a small hairspray, a small shampoo and a small conditioner apart from the quite comprehensive pack of make up items that have to go with us.
Let me hasten to add here that the back pack will not be heavy on her because once she's on the bike it will rest on top of the bike's top case and will actually be quite comfortable, it will only be when she tries to get on and off the bike that it could be a problem so she must be careful what she packs!
As has been the case in the past I have usually used half of my pannier for my clothes, then Janet has used her pannier, the other half of mine and what other space we have managed to squeeze out of the top case, so now she has a back pack as well. We'll see how it goes and I think I will do some photos of how the packing goes before we leave!
So far the plan is to go up the west coast road as far as Vanrynsdorp, then through Calvinia and Williston and then look for accommodation in Carnarvon which is about 650kms from Saldanha. The next day will probably be 505kms to Kimberley where we will stay for two nights and then through Queenstown to East London where we will visit friends and family before heading down the "Garden route" back towards Saldanha.
I don't think that I will have the time to do any updates on this blog during our trip so I'm afraid that all of you thousands of followers will have to wait until we get back to "read all about it."
Watch this space though, we are going to Capetown for a jol on Saturday and a brunch with Rory and Penny on Sunday and then we are coming home to pack so I will take some photos of the packing and then we will be off on our trip, if I don't manage to do any updates during the trip there will be an extensive report when we get back.
By the way Monday the 10th is our 35th wedding anniversary as well as Janet's 50 something birthday, I have convinced her that the 35th anniversary gift is rubber so that is why I am taking her on a bike ride! Please don't tell her otherwise.

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