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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sparkling wine and baby Yellowtail

It has been a very good weekend, maybe I should start a bit earlier because actually we had six people around on Wednesday evening for a lodge catering meeting. I did a lamb potjie and it turned into a very enjoyable and quite late evening. Then on Thursday we were invited to a neighbour's house for a braai, they had recently been to the Isle of Mann to watch the TT races and we chatted about motorbikes and looked at their photos late into the night.
Friday night we were in bed at eight o'clock!
Saturday morning after our bath we decided to go for a late breakfast/early brunch as I had a lodge meeting that afternoon so we rode through to Dwaarskersbos, a little village (cluster of homes) on the coast on the other side of Velddrif. About 40kms from home but it was a very pleasant ride, it was a very hot day and after a good breakfast we cruised home. Again just nice to be out on the bike.
Today we had the day free so we decided to have a bath again and decide what we were going to do, it's always easier to plan the day in the bath with the bottle of JC. As usual though we have the squabble over which glass has the most wine in, it's almost like it has to be sorted out like children "Ok you pour and I'll choose first!"
As can be seen here, Janet's glass on the right has clearly got far more wine in it. There are two glasses each like this so that's easy, it's when it comes to dishing out the last bit that the trouble starts!

As this picture clearly shows; the glass on the right, Janet's glass again has several millilitres more than mine, so next week I will have the glass which is half full and she will have to have the one that is half empty! Fair's fair! Anyway we had a good discussion and we decided to go to Don's "Beira Mar" again for lunch, I thought it would be nice to contact Frank and get him to go along as well so we arranged to meet at the airstrip at the turn off to the R27 at 1145. I suggested a ride out to "Vlakvarkgat" for beer and then we would ride through to Saint Helena Bay to the restaurant.
Janet had another idea; she said "Frank's going to be late, I would rather go directly to Vlakvarkgat and get pissed, rather than get pissed off waiting for him at the intersection." !!! Bit of a rough chick this! As it turned out we were a bit late and he was waiting for us. We had a cold beer at the bush pub and then a pleasant ride through to Saint Helena Bay, there is a narrow dirt road down to the shore to get to the restaurant and if you didn't know about it you would never guess that one of the very best eateries on the west coast was down there. I love this place and we have now been several times and as luck would have it they had whole baby Yellowtail on the menu again!

It was the most amazing meal, Frank had the same and he also enjoyed it although he doesn't get as fully involved with his meal as I do; when I'm finished there is only a little bit of skin left because I eat just about everything including the eyes, the cheeks and all of the tasty little morsels of flesh in and around the skull. As you can see, not a hell of a lot left there! We had a very pleasant afternoon and left at about three o'clock. It was calm and clear but slightly overcast and I really enjoyed the ride home, after we said "Goodbye" to Frank in Vredenburg I got that familiar feeling on the bike that is so hard to describe, but it is like comfort; being fully in tune and at one with the machine and wanting to just stay on it and carry on riding. As we cruised along I lifted my visor and turned my head slightly towards Janet, she knows that this is when I want to say something and she leaned her head in against mine, all I said was "I'm looking forward to our trip." She squeezed her knees against me and said "Yes!" and I think she got it too - that feeling. Our bike trip is not too far off now, it starts on the 10th of November; our 35th wedding anniversary! I can't believe we've been happily married for so long, she's happily and I'm married!

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Igi said...

It is about time my glass is fuller. You owe me big time. You are happily, I am married. Igi