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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Living on the edge

The weather this weekend has been absolutely atrocious! One of the most severe storms moved across the St Helena Bay - Saldanha Bay area that we have seen in ages, this coincided with a biker scum spring dance at the Blue Diamond and a biker scum day jol at "Vlakvarkgat" which is a very difficult word for English people to say, you try it! Anyway because of the weather Janet and I became "bakkie-scum" for the weekend, I had just spent some time washing and polishing my baby and I didn't want to get her all wet and dirty.
Friday night we arrived at the Blue Diamond at about 7pm and shortly after we got there the rain started and I was sure that it would keep a lot of the people away, it did - but we had fun anyway, the music wasn't too bad and the people who were there got into the spirit of the evening and we all danced. We won the lucky draw prize which was R100 gift vouchers for the local "Spur" restaurant. This pissed Frank off big time because he says that I am always winning things but I think that had a lot to do with the fact that I beat his ass at pool in the afternoon.
We were there until about midnight and after a good home made curry and rice and a good few beers we decided to call it a night, we left Frank to his own devices and I had a good idea that they would have to throw him out in the morning!
Saturday started off with the usual spa bath and a bottle of bubbly and then at about 11am we headed off to "Vlakvarkgat" which is a bush pub on the R27 about 20kms from home, we were both hungry so we sat in the restaurant and had a light meal and a beer while we watched the people at the gate trying to keep their stocks dry and at the same time holding the awning down. At times the wind and the rain were incredible and I really doubted that there would be many people there but I underestimated the bikers, amazingly they started arriving in that appalling weather, lots of them all the way from Capetown - the "Shaman" club had organized the day and they supported in numbers.
We wandered around for an hour or two greeting old friends and making new ones and drinking a couple of beers and then Janet decided that she had had enough of that fun, I should take her home so that she could have a sleep.
I returned a bit later and the party had increased, amazingly there were by then about 500 people all partying like crazy. I was standing talking to Frank and Des and a biker chick joined the group briefly, she and her husband had been at the dance last night, a tall attractive girl, she grabbed Frank's arm and said "Shit Frank I'm wasted!", she had a badge on her jacket that said "I've got the pussy so I make the rules." She wandered off dancing to the music but I didn't see her cat.
Time passed noisily by, the band played a really good version of "Smoke on the water" and the rain thundered down outside. Soon it was time for the competitions; first it was best tattoo and then when it came to best piercing three guys and a girl got up on stage, she indicated her belly button and her ears but the guys all took their dicks out and showed the piercings that they had had done!
Bikers are good people! They live life on the edge and when they party, they party hard. Most of them were camping that night, in spite of the weather, but most of them would party until they dropped and stagger back to their tents. The weather just didn't matter as long as there was enough brandy or rum and coke.
The bad weather continued today, accompanied by some huge swells that have caused major damage on the mussel farm, things that I am going to have to sort out this coming week. We went for lunch at "Beira Mar" in St Helena Bay where I had the most amazing "whole baby Yellow tail" and Janet had what she described as the best sole she has had for years. That has become my new favourite restaurant.
All in all a very good weekend and again I found that if you party on the Friday night it makes the weekend seem so much longer! Try it, you'll see.

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