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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Murphy steps in

I had no sooner published my last entry about how lovely the weather has been and how good my job is when "Murphy" decided to take control! Yesterday the dreaded northerly wind started blowing and the rain was driven almost horizontal, so instead of having a lovely calm time out there I was staggering around on a heaving deck with the icy wind blowing the snot out of my nose for the whole six hours!
Today as well, we had some serious rain, most of the morning I was standing with my back to the rain trying to answer my phone and write in my notebook with customers saying ridiculous things like "Have a lovely day, and I'll talk to you again on Monday." At one stage the rain drops were falling so fat and hard that I could feel each one hammering against my head, back and shoulders. Still I must admit I do feel really alive when the weather is like that, the calm days are very nice but when we are heading in to the jetty against a pounding northerly and the waves are splashing over the bows it does feel good.
I spoke to Des today about next week's "Polar bear run", there are twelve guys on the run and that is it, no more rooms available at the hotel. We are meeting at 0800 in Velddrif and then the route is through to Picketberg, Porterville, Ceres and out the back way to the N1 to Maitjiesfontein and then the last 100kms to Sutherland. I am really looking forward to the run and I think that I have a bit of an advantage because I don't feel the cold like mere mortals do, I hope that the weather is going to be good but we are going come what may.
Watch this space!

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