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Friday, July 4, 2008

Miserable Week

Man has it been a miserable week! The weather has been so bad that the big red machine has only been out of the garage once, that was last Sunday. We went to the Christmas in winter festival in Tulbagh, but I wont go again it was exactly the same as the Portuguese festival that we went to last year and quite boring. We did have nice accommodation on Saturday night though, we stayed in a log cabin in the mountains and although it was very cold that night we were able to make ourselves nice and comfortable with extra blankets.
One major problem was that there was no coffee-makings for the next morning so we drank beer, there was a fridge and we had had the foresight to stock it! Janet sat watching the sunrise and sipping her beer.

We left mid morning and headed home and as it was nice day we got the bike out of the garage to blow the cobwebs out of the exhaust pipe, we rode the long way round via Velddrif to go to the Blue Diamond for a couple of beers and the place was buzzing mainly because there was a pool competion on the go. Lots of bikes and bikers in the place.

At least this time there was no engine revving inside the pub in deference to the pool competition so it was quite peaceful for a change!
Here you can see the big red machine inside the pub (the guy who appears to be leaning forward had been there for a while!)
We spent a pleasant couple of hours there and then went home.
Keep the shiny sid eup bro's, see you on the road.

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