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Sunday, July 13, 2008

A gap in the weather

This whole week the weather has been really terrible, real wet west coast winter and on Wednesday we had our annual visit from the Rhodes University post graduate students led by my old friend Martin, we have entertained the students every year for the past fifteen years now and in earlier years they all used to sleep in our house but the numbers were not so big then. Now they rent two or three chalets at the caravan park. As usual Janet and I do a seafood dinner for them and this year we had sixteen people over for fresh mussels steamed in white wine and a seafood pot, this I did on my gas range on the back veranda because I did not want to stand out over a braai in the bloody rain! The pot went down very well, accompanied by Janet's beer bread and a baked pudding to end, great stuff.
Friday we went down to Linda for dinner and met some friends of hers, Shaun was there as well and he had a bottle of Bells Special Reserve with him, I made appreciative noises and he said that I should take what was left home with me the next day - guess what? We drank the whole bloody lot that night! What a piss-up, I'm twice his bloody age but I did my bit for us older guys. My only regret is that I didn't get to bring any of that whisky home, it was incredible stuff.
We had intended doing a bit of shopping Saturday and being home by lunchtime but it was after eleven by the time I could drag myself out of bed, Linda made us a good breakfast and it was three by the time we got home. I didn't do much else for the rest of the day.
Today was a fantastic day and it's quite amazing that if you party on Friday night it makes the weekend seem a whole lot longer, I've noticed this before and am now going to do it more often! I got the big red out of the garage and gave her a good wash, something I have been meaning to do for a while, and then we went for a cruise. We took the long way to Langebaan; out through Vredenburg towards Velddrif and then back along the R27 and had a good lunch at the Cattle Baron, not much of a ride but enough to blow the cobwebs out of the exhaust pipe.
There were quite a lot of bikers out and about and all returned my greeting except for a guy on a Harley, I don't know why I bother with them! Are they taught when they buy the bike;
Rule #1 Do not wave at anybody riding another type of bike, or is it that they cannot leave go of one handlebar because they'll vibrate off the bike?!
You've all heard the Harley stories haven't you; they are the guys with the dead bugs on the back of their helmets, and they can't organise a rally in a small town without first checking that there's enough space for all of the bakkies and trailers to park! Enough of that, I'm going to get into trouble with my mate Harry.
After lunch I dropped Janet off for her kip and I carried on riding, I stopped at the Blue Diamond for a beer and then rode down to Paternoster and then back home. It was great to be out on the bike again.
We are starting to make plans for a two week holiday in November, it's our 35th wedding anniversary on the 10th so I'm thinking of a party here at home on the Sunday and then we will go down to Capetown and hire a Hardly Driveable for a day, I have never ridden one before and I want to find out what all of the hype is about, we'll ride out to a B&B somewhere close by because I don't think you can ride them very far and then we'll go back to town and finish the holiday on a proper motorbike.
Anyway that's for later. If anyone's reading this post a comment!

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Christie said...

Only slightly worried that if you party like that every friday and stay in bed til 11 or 12 on Saturday you might get into trouble with mum. You are an old man now you should behave like one! AS IF!!!! I love this blog - you make me want to come home eventhough the weather is so crap! Love the comments about Hardly Drivable riders!
Love you dad