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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Good day at work

Check it out! Today was a good day at work, ok my baby stayed in the garage but the northerly wind stayed away and we were able to get our work done on the farm. I called it a day at about 2pm because it was starting to get a bit heavy but by then we had finished the bags for the fresh market and a good number of crates for the factory. Winter is a bad time for us because of the northerly winds, we budget for a few lost production days each year but I still like to get it done as often as I can, it's a delicate balance between downright dangerous and just manageable. In the 18 years that I have been involved there has only been one death and very few injuries.
So we finished early and while I was at home Janet phoned me to ask if I could pick her up in town, she had just had her hair done - sure, I'm on my way ( you don't keep them waiting!) I was busy trying to improve my solitaire score but what the hell.
We decided to go to "Captain's Cabin" for a bottle of wine, even though we have cheaper versions of the same wine in our fridge. What is it that makes you want to go to a pub and pay more for the same booze that you have in your own fridge? OK not everyone does that, I know people who don't go anywhere, they are going to die well off, their house paid off and a small boring car in the garage. He dreams about that Harley that he's always wanted and he's getting older and older and there's no way he's going to get it. What a shame!
Janet was the one who organized our big red machine, sure we both visualised it in the garage but she was the one who worked out how we were to get it, I will never forget the day we went to collect it, that was one of the best days of my life. Ok being there when my daughter was born was also good, and in 1972 I bought a brand new Yamaha 1100 for R3000, that was a good day too.
So what am I saying here? Don't wait until your house is paid off or your daughter is born, get out and buy yourself that motorbike - there's nothing like it man.
We finished the first bottle of Robertson Sauvignon Blanc and I said to Janet "Shall we get another one?" this is not usually a difficult question for her to answer but for some reason she said "No!".
I looked at her quizically, I'm good at doing that and said "What about eating here?" because I was thinking about the calamari and chips with the amazing garlic sauce. Janet thought about the next bottle of wine and said "Ok."
So that's what we did, I decided to have my serious garlic on Thursday night because I don't care what my workers think about my breath the next day, but we are going to Joe and Annie on Saturday and if I was to have garlic on Friday night and then talk to Joe on Saturday that would be a problem, he is rude and makes a point of pulling away and saying something like "Gosh you had garlic!"
So it was a good day at work and Monday is a public holiday, tomorrow is a quiet day and I'm going to play pool with Frank in the afternoon. I'll get my baby out of the garage for a while during the weekend, keep the rubber side down Bro's.

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Christie said...

Wow, I am so glad I feature in the important events in your life - a bit worried about the order though. I have to admit the bike is very pretty!

Hope you have today is a good day at work. Love you Dad