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Sunday, June 29, 2008

An embarrasing incident

Is anybody reading this stuff? I don't know, but I'm enjoying myself anyway.
I was reminiscing a while back and I thought back to when we first arrived in Durban, we managed to buy a secong hand Suzuki GT750 and again it was Janet who worked out how we could do it - she's amazing, I'm glad I kept her!
Anyway, we lived in the Wingfield Hotel for a while and it was a residential hotel where most of the permanent residents were geriatrics, they seemed to disaprove of us probably because were a hell of a lot younger than them and we were bikers.
The motorbike was in really good condition with one seemingly minor defect; the steering lock didn't work properly. With those older bikes there was a separate keylock on the side of the forks and when you turned the handlebars fully to the side and turned the key they stayed locked in that position, not so my motorbike! When locked the handlebars would move to the centre but wouldn't turn to the left, I had noticed this but it didn't seem to be a problem.
One sunny Sunday morning Janet and I were preparing to meet up with Janet (my sister) and Graham for a picnic and it just so happened that at that same time most of the hotel residents were out on the veranda having their morning tea. Janet was carrying two big brown paper bags full of picnic goodies, she stood next to me while I got onto the bike and started the engine then she handed the bags to me to hold while she climbed on behind me.
I could see all of those miserable bloody people looking at us, tut-tutting and talking to each other about us but what did I care?! I handed the bags back to Janet and slowly started edging forward.
Fortuitously we were in the hotel parking area and I had to navigate my way through the parked cars so we set off slowly, when it came time to turn left to go out of the gate the handlebars wouldn't go that way! SHIT! By then the bike was leaned over slightly and I put my foot out to try and hold it but there was no way and we slowly and gently fell over onto the tar.
Time seemed to stand still, I looked over at Janet and said "Are you alright?"
Janet sort of hissed; "Pick the flippin' bike up!" again using one of those words that Joy would never use.
I slowly looked over at the bike, the back wheel was still spinning and over it I could see the people on the veranda struggling to get up and make their way over to us.
I turned around and watched two oranges bouncing and rolling in slow motion down the drive and settling in the gutter next to the road.
"Are you alright dear?" I knew she wasn't talking to me, one of the old ladies had made it to Janet's side and was very concerned about her. Some of the old guys were trying to help pick up our scattered picnic items but their backs were giving them trouble. None of them seemed to be worried about me!
"I'll get the oranges!" I said and started off towards the gate.
"Forget the oranges, pick up the bike!" Janet hissed, but I was already halfway down the driveway and didn't know how to change direction without looking like an idiot!
I gave Janet the oranges and then picked the bike up, "It's got a faulty steering lock!" I almost shouted and then made a point of unlocking it but no one was interested, they were all fussing over Janet, she had a sort of desparate pleading look on her face, like: "let's get out of here!"
We mounted up again and I made a point of cruising slowly away in a dignified manner, all of the old folks returned to their tea which must have been cold by then and I made a point of never locking my steering again!
We ignored the people when we got back and none of them said anything to us, but I did notice that they seemed to look at Janet with pity, as if she was forced to do something that she didn't really like!


Christie said...

I have always loved this story and I can just imagine it happening. I can also see mum talking to you through gritted teeth. I also love the idea of you running down the road chasing oranges - especially because you do not run. Where was the video camera when you need it!

Love you Dad

the rider said...

Thanks babe, love you too!