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Friday, June 20, 2008

Dismal week

What a crap week it has been at work! Even though I enjoy my job, sometimes I wish that I had a job that wasn't affected by the weather. The wind has been blowing out of the north for the whole week and we have had some serious rain! To top off all of the shit, on Wednesday the "Mussel Cat's" starboard side propellor shaft broke. I enjoy driving the Cat, I pride myself on being able to drive it really well but it is a big Catamaran and when you only have one engine working then it handles like a pig, especially when the wind is blowing.
Yesterday we got trapped out on the farm, before we realised what was happening the wind had picked up to 30 knots out of the north and although we were already tied up alongside one of the rafts, we were stuck there. With only one engine there was no way we could move. We carried on harvesting while we could and built up a good stock and I was wishing for some rain so that the wind would die down, but no such luck. By 13h00, which was already much later than we normally pack up, I called the "Mytillus" to come and help us. The "Mytillus" is a converted life boat that we use as a lorry, a transporter and a rugged little vessel which is about 6 metres long with lots of flotation and really solid gunwhales.
By then the wind had abated a little so we lashed the Mytillus onto the starboard side of the Musselcat to act as the starboard engine and cast off to begin the trip back to the Pepper Bay jetty, what a trip that was! The poor little boat took a hell of bashing, I took a video clip which I will post later but suffice it to say, we made it after what seemed a long trip.
I was quite tense during this trip because I have the responsibility for the safety of the personnel, at that time 24 people and of the vessels - a lot of money. It makes the job on the mussel farm quite enjoyable though.
Anyway to end the week off Frank and I played pool today at the Blue Diamond and I won! Luckily we use the centre table because there was a motorbike leaning up against the first one. What a cool pub!
We will ride soon, we will get a chance to braai soon and we will surely drink some beers soon! (One of the above will be tomorrow morning early!)

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