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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Crap day at work

Today was a serious winter day, my baby stayed in the garage and there was no chance of a braai after work, when my alarm went off at 0445 I heard the wind pumping from the north and I knew that it was going to be a bad one.
We couldn't get to the "Mussel Cat's" mooring because the wind was driving big swells into the corner so put the staff on standby and waited for first light to assess the weather conditions.
Whenever the northerly blows strong it drives big wind swells across the bay and makes things really difficult for the mussel farm operation, it was 0900 by the time we got going, two hours later than normal so it was a push to get the bags packed for the market, 210 of them. As we steamed out to the farm the rain came down, a drenching rain but at least the wind had dropped. I sat in the cabin and read my newspaper and drank my first cup of coffee, one of my routines that I really enjoy, preparing myself for the rigours of the day.
The rafts we are working on are good now so we were able to get everything packed before midday and we were able to get 64 crates packed for the factory, the last thing we did on the way in was take a stack of oysters out for a customer in Durban. As usual I ate two fresh oysters to check that they are alright for my customers, hell someone has to do it!
At the time of writing there is no wind, let's hope it stays that way because I've got a hell of a lot to do tomorrow!
Monday is a public holiday, I'm hoping for a chance to get out on the bike?

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