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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Charity Runs

This weekend all of the local biker clubs, and there are a good few in the surrounding areas now, got together on Saturday for a tin run and on Sunday for a blanket run.
On Saturday the guys and girls set up outside all of the local supermarkets and persuaded the public to donate tinned food for needy people, by the end of the day an incredible amount of tins had been collected for distribution.
Sunday's run started with a huge number of bikers arriving at the church in Vredenburg to hand in blankets and as the run was organised by the CMA (Christian Motorcycle Association) a biker's church service was held for those who wished to attend. Everyone then took part in various local rides and all ended up at the Blue Diamond for a braai, this turned out to be a very festive scene with the biggest crowd yet. Unfortunately, but as is to be expected some of the guys, including the owner of the place started revving and doing donuts inside! This resulted in a large part of the crowd opting to drink outside as the noise level was absolutely incredible!
The braai went down well and everyone enjoyed themselves - but let me ask you this; what other group will get together in huge numbers to collect for needy people? Any car owners? The Annual Toy run is held throughout South Africa every November where thousands and thousands of bikers donate toys to under privileged children, Janet and I will be doing our 11th run and I will tell you all about it then. Bikers are good people, under that rough leather clad exterior beats a heart of gold.

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