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Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Blue Diamond

It's winter now on the west coast and that means wet and windy so my baby's doing a lot of garage time. We don't mind getting wet if we have to, when you do any long distance riding you're bound to ride in rain every now and then, but we'd obviously rather not. Having said that though, when you do get calm and sunny days in the winter they are glorious and perfect for riding.
We got out for a local cruise yesterday afternoon just to blow the cobwebs out of the exhaust pipe and it was lovely, as usual we ended up at the "Blue Diamond" biker pub in Vredenburg. This is fast becoming my favourite spot and Frank and I usually play a couple of games of pool there every Friday afternoon.
The pub is now in the industrial area (used to be in the centre of the town) so bike engines are not going to bother anyone and the owner is still busy fitting the place out, there are four very good pool tables but what is so enjoyable about the place, and is I believe unique, is that you can ride your bike into the pub and park it inside. This so cool!
We need to see more of the Cape bikers there, it's ideal for a stopover on the way back to Capetown after a day's ride. Plenty of people using it already as there are lots of bikers in this area. We had a couple of beers, chewed the fat with a couple of buds and then headed home. See you there.

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