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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Biker funeral

A couple of weeks back we attended a biker's fuberal, this is an all to common occurence I'm afraid, you only have to read the condolence messages in the bike magazines to see how often it happens. It's not going to scare us off riding our bike though, I'll just be more careful.
The service was very moving, the guy's two young daughters tearfully read testimonials which had almost everyone in tears, even most of the forty or so bikers sitting in the pews clad in leathers and colours.
After the service thirty motorbikes lined up two abreast behind the hearse and we headed through town to the cemetary. As we neared the cemetary all of the motorbikes overtook the hearse and lined up on either side of the road at the entrance, then as the hearse passed between us all of the motorcycle engines were revved, a wonderful loud sound to give the brother a send off. After the hearse had passed through the engines were switched off and we all sat in silence as the rest of the cars entered.
It was incredibly moving, Janet sat behind me with tears dripping out of her helmet.
We left the graveside ceremony to the family and headed for the nearest pub to celebrate life. I hope that I don't have to attend another one for a while, ride safe bro's.

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