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Saturday, May 16, 2020

A lucky find and a new beast waits to be unleashed

Remember how I told you that we're down to drinking leftovers in the booze cabinet because bottle stores have been closed since the end of March? Why "they" decided that people should not be allowed to drink or smoke during lockdown is anyone's guess. We do have our suspicions about the cigarette ruling though, about officials involved with the black market trade in cigarettes making a fortune but we don't smoke and as this is not a political blog I will avoid that topic.

I digress, I have been drinking Schnapps, lemon juice and soda water because that's what we have, it's acceptable but not very nice so I don't drink much at all. This is quite novel for me, not drinking much I must say. Anyway the other evening I was contemplating not even bothering when suddenly a light bulb flashed on above my head! I jumped out of the chair and rushed through to the cupboard, in my bike jacket pocket I found my hip flask full of whisky!

What a happy boy! This presented a  quandary; do I have four doubles or eight singles? I settled for and thoroughly enjoyed four double tots with ice. That was just the one evening though, the next night it was back to the other stuff. I am now on a three quarter bottle of Butlers Triple Sec with ice and soda water and it is actually better than the Scnapps but a bit sweet. We're made of stern stuff though, we'll tough it out.

Earlier in the week we received a photo on the whatsapp group, our President had been down to Capetown to collect his new motorbike, just look at this;

Triumph Rocket 3 TFC (Triumph Factory Custom) One of only two coming to South Africa it is number 379 of 750 that were made, what a beauty; 2500cc of brute power. I believe that the new model Rocket 3 2500 is already also on sale here.

Poor Anton must be absolutely dying to get this beast out onto the road but during our harsh lockdown recreational travel is prohibited. I am looking forward to seeing this machine in the flesh, so to speak.

That's all for now, we have to wait until Wednesday to see if our home brew red wine is going to be palatable, eager anticipation. In the meantime I have bought another Snoek so that's what we will be doing tomorrow, having a braai - with lousy drinks!

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