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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Talk about busy; Book Club, Rugby and Breakfast run

The October Book Club meeting took place on Wednesday 23rd, a lovely warm sunny day perfect for riding. Four of us; Anton, Daan, Murray and I met at our usual place, the Phoenix bar in Vredenburg for a drink before hitting the road, a nice cruise through to Langebaan and we lined the bikes up outside a hairdressing salon as that was the only space available, anyone driving past might have thought that bikers have gone a bit soft!

Right next door however, is the Sand Bar a fairly pleasant little pub and Anton's first visit, the beers were cold. We sat and chatted there for a while and then mounted up, we rode the more interesting back roads through to Juffroushoogte
Outside Juffroushoogte; Daan, Anton and Murray
Myself, Murray, Daan and Anton - only four this time
 We rode from there up the R27 and took the new connecting road through to Saint Helena Bay, I was leading and as the road and the weather were just so good my speed increased until all four of us were blasting along at 200kmh, what a lovely ride! Slightly more sedate heading down to Saint Helena Bay, slightly and we parked outside the Gull and Bell for an A.B.F.

November will probably be the last Book Club run for the year, we shall see but the consensus is that we meet up at 11h00 and go for lunch at Lula's Portuguese restaurant in Yzerfontein where the Peri-peri chicken is to die for. Our usual kitty feed and what is already in the kitty should cover the cost, looking forward to that already.

Rugby World Cup, South Africa vs England

On Saturday our friends Frans and Linda invited us to their home in Yzerfontein to watch the World Cup rugby final between South Africa and England, have a braai afterwards and spend the night. The first things I noticed were the amazing platters our lovely friend had made representing the flags of the two countries, very clever.
I am not a huge fan of rugby, of any sport for that matter, except maybe motorcycle racing but I will watch a world cup final that features our team and what a game it was! Edge of the seat stuff.
This is the picture that says it all

There were scenes of jubilation in the stadium and in pubs and taverns all over the country, this sort of thing definitely helps to promote unity to a certain extent, but the crime continues and in Parliament this last week Julius Malema's EFF, the Economic Freedom Fighters stayed seated and refused to acknowledge the world cup winners, they are not interested in racial unity in this country. We, however were jubilant and I found it quite emotional, what a win! 
We had a really nice braai after the game, I did a batch of lamb ribs and then a little later Frans braaied  some really good Peri-peri chicken, it had been a lovely afternoon which carried on into the evening quite easily.

We were on our bike because the monthly breakfast run was scheduled for the next day and I didn't want to miss it, the group agreed to have breakfast nearby so that we could join them, so at 09h30 on Sunday morning we said goodbye to our friends and headed off back up the R27 towards Langebaan and pulled off into a laybye which is approximately halfway.
We got there first but we didn't have to wait long, soon I saw the line of headlights approaching and Daan and Bev lead the group into the laybye.
Fifteen of us on eight bikes
Tea is served everyone

Cheers to the world champs
Right! Time to go

I lead the group out, back onto the R27 for the short ride to the Yzerfontein turn off, took a right and we pulled into the parking area of the little Yzervark deli, pub and restaurant about halfway down.

 We had been there before for a visit and a beer but had not eaten there so we didn't know what to expect, it turned out to be very pleasant, the food was good, tasty and best of all still warm when we got it. The service was good and the beers were cold.

I was so hungry I forgot to photograph my food for the blog but I have no hesitation in recommending the place to you, they are biker friendly and have been trying to encourage biker groups so give it a go, call them on 0768330074 and tell them I sent you.

More riding coming up, on Saturday one of the less pleasant occasions, a memorial ride for a biker who passed away and then on Sunday we have our own biker memorial service at the Lighuis church where our fallen brothers and sisters are remembered, after that we can lighten the mood with a breakfast and official handover of our non-perishable food items to the local Round Table chapter.

I'll tell you all about it, if you want to see any of the photos full size just click on them, stay safe out there.

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