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Monday, September 9, 2019

Biker church and a very good breakfast

It has been very hot these past couple of days, especially Saturday but according to the weather forecast Sunday would be a couple of degrees cooler. We got up at 06h00 to get ready because the church service starts at 08h00 and as it got lighter we could tell it was going to be another warm day, I didn't think that the "couple of degrees" were going to make much difference.

It was a pleasant ride through to Vredenburg, only 13km up the road, I saw another bike catching up in my rearview mirrors and soon my brother Willie and Antoinette joined us riding through the town to the "Lighuis" (Lighthouse) church where bikers were already gathering.
Thirteen members of the Meeulanders
ATGATT? Shorts and crocs! 

Quite a large congregation made up of club riders and non affiliated bikers as well as some members of the public, Pastor Eroll's services are popular and topical as he rides a bike himself. People were helping themselves to the rusks and coffee which are always freely available before the service.

Half an hour later we were discussing where to go for breakfast, usually clubs ride together to a venue nearby after church and we decided on "Vis Vlekhuis" in Laaiplek.
Getting ready to leave Vredenburg
Lined up in Laaiplek harbour

It's only about 26km so it doesn't take long, it felt like the wind was going to be an issue though, there was a strong north westerly blowing and by the time we rode into Laaiplek it was bringing a serious chill with it off the sea.

Thirteen club members and our friends Mike and Barbara occupied most of the tables out on the fairly spacious veranda with a nice view of the sea close to the harbour mouth, the usual pleasant conversation and friendly banter along with a cold beer or two occupied our time while we waited for our breakfast. It wasn't a long wait, the staff seems to be geared up and efficient even though we hadn't pre-booked.

That was a very good breakfast; two eggs, lots of bacon, a cheese russian and a pile of chips for R46! I'll definitely do that again and have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending the place to you, there is also a pleasant bar on the premises, everything that a biker could want!

We all split up after breakfast but Willie and Antoinette and the two of us rode through to nearby Dwaarskersbos to check out another restaurant we had heard about for future reference.  Thereafter a pleasant ride home, after again a lovely morning out. I'm going to leave you with these words by my brother Gerrie which I quote from a post of his;
~"This is what I personally enjoy about riding for a club - attending functions (in this case biker church) and then going on a breakfast run. It's not just the ride, but the company that makes this most enjoyable."~

My sentiments exactly.

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