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Monday, July 15, 2019

A cold ride, thick fog, biker church and breakfast

The very next day it was biker church. I am one of the lucky few who do not suffer with hangovers, even though we had left the Phoenix bar around 21h00 it had been a great party and obviously a good few drinks had been consumed. The church service starts at 08h00 so it is necessary to leave home by 07h30 so it is necessary to set the alarm for 06h30 and I was in a deep sleep when the bloody thing went off.

It was damn cold as I dragged myself out of bed, Janet agreed to go with me - "Are we going on the bike?" - "Yes dear, we are." I replied although the temptation to go in the bakkie and use the heater was real. However we are bikers.
This is the temperature that showed when I started up and maneuvered the big red machine out of the gate however the fog was lying thick and dense on the road up to Vredenburg and there the temperature dropped to 5,5. It was an invigorating ride and I enjoyed it, I had dressed for it so I was fairly comfortable.

When we arrived at the church there were already a lot of bikers with more arriving as we went into the hall to get a nice, welcome hot cup of coffee. 

It turned out that many more people arrived than had been expected, in spite of the cold weather and more chairs had to be hastily arranged to seat everyone. Pastor Errol gave an interesting sermon as usual after which a few of us decided to go through to Juffoushoogte for breakfast. 

I did not feel like riding far in those foggy conditions, and even on that short ride maybe five or six kilometers the fog was incredibly thick, reducing visibility to a few meters. I feel much more vulnerable on a bike in those conditions, made even more so by the fools in cages who still think it is alright to speed with no lights on!

We all made it in one piece, ordered more coffee - too early for the bar and then placed our breakfast orders. Juffroushoogte is a popular place for meals, as I have mentioned before, good food and reasonable prices and my huge "Mini moerse burger" was as tasty as ever and a good value burger for R85.
Once again a pleasant morning out with a great bunch of people.

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