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Monday, June 12, 2017

Westcoast Motorcycle Association (WMA) sleepover 2017

The western cape has been seriously dry for a long time, desperately needing rain so when during the week we had some really good rain it was cause for celebration. Unfortunately last Saturday was the day set aside for the W.M.A annual sleepover and it rained on that day as well, and man did it rain!
Janet and I had volunteered for early gate duty so we had to be there by 10h00, in the morning I looked out at the sky and it didn't look too bad but the  weather app. forecast showers and knowing that there was a 3km dirt road leading to the rally site I decided to be a biker in a cage (Shame!). As it turned out I was glad I did because we were not even half way there when the skies opened up and by the time we reached the site I was happy with my decision.

To add insult to injury the wind was freezing cold as well, this did not bode well for the WMA, many people would be put off coming out in this weather. 
Gradually cars and bakkies started arriving and up until midday when several people had arrived there was not a single motorbike, until;
these two brave bikers arrived from Capetown and negotiated the by then very wet dirt road on road bikes. They caused quite a stir and were given a very warm welcome, causing many including myself to think "Damn I should have come on my bike!"
They were followed shortly after by our own Stephen on his KTM, perhaps a bit more suited to the conditions, even with his road tyres. Eventually there were four bikes in total with Slang of the Mac's also arriving on his BMW road bike, well done you guys.

Towards midday and early afternoon we were relieved of our duty and were able to join the party and try to warm up a bit, unfortunately it was only to be around forty people at the party with some of the local clubs not represented at all. Those of us who did make it had a very enjoyable time.
 Eventually sixteen Meeulanders in total made up a high percentage of the numbers and won the prize for the best represented club, an excellent effort by a great bunch of people.
Stephen accepts the club prize.
Due to the circumstances the games were of an indoor nature and caused a lot of laughter amongst those unwilling to actually take part;

After the men's and ladies drinking competition, which was also dominated by Meeulanders although Slang joined the ladies line just to get a free dop, Janet quickly pointed out to the organisers that the ladies had won overall because they had to drink a 500ml wine which contained seven percent alcohol whereas the men had only to drink a beer which was four percent, thus it was that the ladies were named the champions. Way to go lady bikers!
Dennis, President of the "Clique" and Chairman of the WMA with Slang of the "Mac's" and a committee member.

 Don't be fooled by Stephen's mug, that wasn't coffee! Henrico, Greg and Corne chat infront of the bar, which in spite of the shortage of people did a good trade. The place "Schaaftplaas" lends itself well to parties and I'm sure that in summer we will be back. Well done to the Westcoast Motorcycle Association for the excellent organisation, as I said those that attended had a ball.


Gerrie Pieterse said...

And Jans' name was called for a prize but you've left already! Think it was a Mini Cooper :)
Was a great get together.

the rider said...

Ah well, we'd been there since 10h00 and were a bit tired, next year I'm going to see about getting one of the chalets and we'll stay over. Maybe they'll carry the Mini over?

Trobairitz said...

"Good on ya" to those brave souls who rode in the heavy rain, especially the dirt road on street tires.

the rider said...

I hope they see this story Brandy, we were not expecting anyone on bikes, let alone road bikes! Did you enlarge the picture? You get a real idea of how bad that road was!