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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Mohicans sleepover

This was the second annual Mohicans Club sleepover, I was away visiting the Africa Bike Week in Margate last year so I missed the first one. Incidentally in the interim Africa Bike Week moved to East London in the Eastern Cape and from what I have read so far the number of visitors was way down on last year, a sign of the times?
Chatting to my friends who visited this sleepover, the numbers also appeared to be lower than last year, what I did see was a lot of Capetown riders at Plaasmol even though it was a terrible day, gale force Berg winds with dust blowing all over and very hot.
A few of us; Craig and Monica, Daan and Bev and Frank following in his car, only arrived around 15h00 and of course the party was well under way. The central bar area was pretty crowded and there was a band playing good biker music.

Altogether fifteen Meeulanders attended, a good show of support for the Mohicans and I noticed that many if not all of the local clubs were represented.
Here Fungis, whom we hadn't seen for a long time, Brett, Frank and Davrin share a joke together.
Those of the Meeulanders who were staying over set up a nice camp and the party moved there for a while,
I was not able to stay for long as we were entertaining family at home but I am sure that a great party ensued, good luck to the Mohicans on their second event and may it continue from strength to strength.


Trobairitz said...

Looks like a pretty good turn out even if smaller than last year.

Leather Collection said...

nice activity. You people must keep it up, well done.