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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Back to Richards Bay and Margate and an oxtail potjie with sadza

It has been a while since my last post, a lot has happened; we had to go back to Richard's Bay, this time unfortunately for my dear sister in law's funeral. Two weeks after our first visit when thankfully Janet got to spend some quality time with her sister.
After the funeral we drove down to Margate on the south coast for two nights with a bunch of ex Rhodesian Police colleagues and their good ladies which was a welcome distraction from the sadness of our loss. Braaiing, drinking and chatting about the old days with them was wonderful and we got home mid afternoon on the Tuesday.
We last worked together some forty years ago but the bond is still strong, real men upon whom you can count, who still have your back. Not many have that but I am fortunate in that I have that with both my ex service brothers and with my biker brothers, fortunate indeed.
We had one night at home to get clothes washed, one night in our own bed and then it was back down to Capetown on Wednesday, my lady was booked into the hospital the following morning for a heart procedure. Thursday morning was a terrible time for me, it was also bad for Janet of course but I was scared even though the doctor called it a "minor" procedure some other guy was messing with my lady's heart! When Janet phoned me in the mid afternoon to say she was out of theater and moving into the ICU I was beside myself, I was able to visit her that afternoon and she was fine, she's a tough lady and was able to leave the following morning although we had to stay at Linda's house until Sunday just to make sure that all was well.
Now we are at home, Janet is booked off for the rest of the week to rest so I made her one of her favourite meals for dinner on Monday; oxtail potjie with sadza.

I browned the meat and then fried up onions and green pepper, added chopped tomato and some red wine with a packet of soup powder and then let the whole lot just simmer for two and a half hours. I have a chilli bush out back so I picked and chopped a nice big chilli for that extra bite.
When the meat was starting to feel tender I added potato, butternut, mushrooms and cabbage and let it all heat through, in the meantime I made up a pot of sadza.
For those who don't know, sadza is a stiff porridge made from Miellie Meal and the idea is that you should be able to mold a small portion into a ball without it sticking to you hand, this is then dipped into the gravy for a couple of tasty bites before you settle down to the meal. We have always loved doing this as do all our Rhodie friends when they come for a visit.

It was a tasty meal and there was enough left to have later, I also made sure to save enough of the sadza to use for one of our favourite breakfast treats the next day; sadza balls.

Rolled into a ball, around a small block of cheddar cheese, wrapped in bacon and then grilled until the bacon is cooked. The fat soaks into the sadza and the cheese melts on the inside, these are unbelievably decadent and delicious and very popular with friends and family.
Janet's recuperation week has started well and I will make sure that it continues in the same manner, she will stay off the bike for a while but may be alright for the Club breakfast run which will be on Sunday 5th March, but that will be her decision, in the meantime I am a happy boy again.
Stay safe my friends and to see the photos full size just click on them.


Trobairitz said...

I am sorry for your loss, but very happy that Janet's procedure went well.

It looks like you are spoiling her with tasty food and that will assist in her recovery.

Davnic said...

Hey.... being miles away we are out of date as to what's happening your end... so sorry to hear about Janet's sister and also Janet's hospital visit. Hope all settling down now. Need to Skype and catch up this week. Will look out for when you are online again. Hugs to you both. XXX

the rider said...

Thanks Brandy, Dave and Nicky for your concern and comments, Jan's fine now and we'll know the full results after her check up.