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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A heartwarming tale of biker caring, Logan's ride.

We interrupt this riveting narrative from the past to bring a heartwarming tale of biker generosity and caring from the Eastern Cape, especially heartwarming at this time of the year.
There is a youngster living in Capetown who was on holiday with his family in a little village  called Komga about fifty or so kms to the north of East London, his name is Logan and he is a big fan of motorcycles, according to people who know him he is an awesome little guy who is unfortunately losing the use of his legs.
As it was his birthday Carol, a family friend contacted the Christian Motorcycle Association in East London to ask if it was at all possible for them to do anything special for this little boy. Now we all know what bikers are like, they will jump at something like this and so it was that a bunch of guys and gals from East London rode out to Komga to meet and greet little Logan.
Logan was given special badges and gifts and was taken for a ride on one of the bikes.
The riders spent some time with the family, offered a prayer and even gave other children a ride as well,
Here is my great nephew (my nephew's son) Colby also having a ride.
Well done to the guys from the C.M.A in East London, this is what being a biker is about and congratulations to Logan on his first ride, let it not be the last my boy - go for it!

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Trobairitz said...

Awesome. One can always rely on bikers to have a big heart.