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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

An original work of art

I happen to be friends with the artist Murray Harris and I recently commissioned him to do a rendering of my motorcycle after having seen the work that he had done for other people. I sent him a couple of photographs so that he could choose and then waited impatiently.
He burns the pictures into wood by using electric irons with various attachments after which he colours them, this is obviously quite a painstaking process and he did warn me that this kind of thing can take from eighteen to twenty hours.
After a week or so I received this tantalising preview on my phone, work in progress and already you can see the detail.
A little later and I received this picture, it's coming on.
I had to wait quite a while but eventually I got the news that the picture was ready for collection and here it is;
The attention to detail is absolutely incredible and now when I eventually get too old to ride this beauty and I have to sell it, I will always have this wonderful picture as a memory. I obviously have plenty of photographs but there is absolutely nothing like an original, one-off work of art and what biker doesn't like a picture of his baby?
Here is the finished, framed picture. It measures approximately 600mm x 450mm. If you would like to find out more, or about getting one for yourself give me a shout and I will give you details, me? I'm chuffed!


Sash Walker said...

Will he created one with a rider astride the bike?

Trobairitz said...

Very cool. He does awesome work. I can't imagine having that kind of talent.

the rider said...

Hi Sash thanks for coming in on my blog, but no unfortunately he doesn't do people, most of his work is landscapes so when he does bikes, cars and even aeroplanes which he has done, he doesn't do people.

Yes Brandy how about the Gladius before it goes?

Lance Hirthler said...

Wow, that's it a beautiful art indeed!!! He is so talented!! So amazingly cool!!!!!

the rider said...

Thank you Lance, for reading my blog and for leaving a comment, I really appreciate it and yes he really is talented. Murray Harris lives in the town 16kms from where I live and he is prolific, he virtually works non stop. We are going to his house on Saturday night and with his permission I will photo a couple of his works and post them, watch this space.