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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Dart run 2016

This past weekend was my 6th dart run with the Meeulanders Motorcycle Club and it is not only in my opinion that this was the best one so far, others have also expressed the same opinion. As I have a lot of photos to publish I am going to post them small, if you would like to see them full size just click on them.
We started off at midday at the "Wingerd" dance hall, where we threw the first dart of the day, ate a very nice boerewors roll to line the stomach and paid R20 for a beer!

I am hopeless at darts when the board is at regulation height so when it is just resting on a chair I am even worse but at least it gives everyone an equal chance, here I threw a ten. Beverley opened with 54! Daan managed to get almost everyone on the road together at around 13h30 and we headed up to Velddrif where we threw the next dart at the "Wielhuis" pub, home of the Clique mcc, many of whom were with us for the day. In fact most of the local clubs were represented and we had some 96 bikes riding together, I brought up the rear looking out for stragglers.

Here on the left Bev lines up her shot and on the right Johan has a go. I threw another 10, pretty much not in the competition I thought. As soon as everyone had thrown their dart and finished their drink we got back on the road, not wanting to stay too long at any one spot so as to limit the alcohol consumption. 
It had turned out to be a lovely day after a bit of rain in the early morning, Janet and I cruised along the back road via Hopefield to the third venue; "Plaasmol" where I managed to throw a double 10!

Sampie and Cathy did an excellent job of getting the dart throwers organised and Vice Pres. (acting President) Daan kept them moving, lots of guys moved on to the next venue; "Juffroeshoogte" early because they wanted to watch the rugby. 

We spent a bit more time here, I managed to throw a measly 8, gradually guys rode out when they were ready, from here we rode through to our overnight stop in Jakob's Bay called "The Plot" a backpackers resort where the last dart was to be thrown, even though the Plot is only about fifteen minutes from our home we had never been there and it turned out to be a perfect, quite charming though rather rustic party venue and the bikers made good.
This was how we had to throw the last dart! Bloody difficult and it took me ages to even hit the board but when I did eventually hit it I scored a cherry, 50 points which put me back in the competition and I came third overall, rather chuffed I was!

The place absolutely lends itself to a group party, our rustic accommodation was very basic but comfortable enough although it was unfortunately right next to the fire pit where Frank sat all night talking, and I do mean all night, he didn't go to bed!

First order of business; get the braai going, an excellent braai pack was part of our entry and the ladies made great salads so we had a very good meal. 

As the night progressed some started going off to bed, perchance to sleep - good luck with that! The party moved into the bar and the rock music, mostly AC/DC was cranked up.

Frank seen here among the ladies where he likes to be, not sure why Alex the Mohicans Pres. is laughing at me! 

Steve, one of the hard working organizers of run and me with matching bottles, the red wine soon ran out. In the right hand picture we see Frank "getting down".

Anton was moved to perform a strip, Rinette gets hastily out of the way as the mob shouts encouragement.

The ladies danced and the last of the red wine was emptied out, Elsja our photographer was into the music big time and the party raged on into the early hours.

It was a great party, gradually the mob thinned out though and I stumbled off to bed at around 03h30. I haven't partied like that in quite a while. A couple of hours later we were up again getting the new day started.

Frank was where we had left him, still drinking and still talking to whoever would listen, gradually people were surfacing, bleary eyed, dry mouthed and most were hung over. What a party it had been, breakfast went down singing hymns.
Monica and Craig
left Cathy who helped with the dart scoring and Elise

Craig and Monica, Malcolm and Elise and Steve did the organizing and they did an excellent job, thanks for a great sleepover party. To all of the other clubs who joined us and helped make it a successful dart run, you rock! Thanks guys and gals and let's see what happens next year, it can only get better!
I'll leave you with this classic retort from Anton, who when called by Frank to "Come and blow" - he was trying to get the fire going again in the morning - replied "I don't blow, I get blown!" 


Trobairitz said...

You guys really do know how to party.

the rider said...

Brandy believe me the rest of Sunday was a washout, when we got home we did nothing. The party was great but the recovery takes longer now than it used to.
Watch out for the next two weekends coming up, we have a venison festival this weekend and our year end function the next, both are going to be parties so we'll see what happens.