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Monday, July 11, 2016

Uncle Frank's 75th birthday jol

The Phoenix Biker Pub in Vredenburg was the scene of a get together for bikers to help Uncle Frank celebrate his birthday, the event started at 16h00 and Frank arrived in style on the back of Gerrie's Super Tenere'.
Here he is in all his glory, the legend, the one and only etc., etc.
Anna had organised a birthday cake for him, no room for 75 candles though. There were a good few people there at the start but they kept flocking in as the evening progressed.
Frank was in his element, soon chatting with the young ladies and with his friends who all wanted a piece of him.
 Here with the same attractive young lady and Divi., the Meeulanders President.
With Alex the Mohicans President and First Lady Mercia, the Mohicans were very well represented as were the Gypsy Jokers, the Clique and several other local clubs.
One of Frank's special lady friends, Jenny rode pillion with him often.
Frank gets lots of kisses! He also got a big one planted on his forehead.
 Here with his friend who cooks dinner for him almost every Wednesday evening. It was a great party, the booze was cheap and there was plenty of good music, we spent about two hours or so there and then called it a night.
These two lovely ladies were kept busy behind the bar, Anna (left) the owner also did most of the organising to make sure that Frank had a good party, Gail has a ready smile and a quick comeback for rowdy bikers, thank you ladies, see you again soon.
Any of you Capetown and surrounding areas bikers who are up here on a weekend, especially those who might be travelling up over the flower season, the Phoenix Pub is well worth a visit, see you there.


Trobairitz said...

Happy Birthday Frank!!

Anonymous said...

Andrew - please wish Frank from us for a very Happy Birthday and many many more !!!
Cheers Dick and Jan

the rider said...

I'll pass the messages on, thanks guys.