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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Day three and four, into Margate and a reunion

I woke early to the sound of traffic, 18 wheelers using their exhaust brakes to descend through the town right next to my room. I looked out the window and was greeted by the sight of thick fog again! Only 155kms remained today so I could spend a couple of hours at the local Wimpy and wait for the fog to lift.
 As far as I'm concerned there's no better way to start a travelling day than with a Wimpy breakfast, I know this sounds like an advert but it's true. I sat in the restaurant for about an hour and a half and by the time I was ready to go the fog had lifted as had my spirits. I rode out of Kokstad under a clear blue sky and headed for the coast.
That is a lovely road, undulating first through the farm lands and then through dense forest, it is a busy road with lots of smoke belching 18 wheelers struggling up the many hills holding queues of cars in their wake. Not me though! Close to Port Shepstone it becomes quite chaotic and speed is reduced to sixty but it wasn't long before I was cruising into Margate, now I was seeing bikers. It was the day before the rally was to start but there was already a festive atmosphere.
I cruised around the town, had a couple of beers at a festive country music bar and then went down rally road, things were still being put in place, last minute tents and flags going up, I met up with old friends Earl and Bunny of the Christian Motorcycle Association whom we used to see in the western cape but who now live in Jo'burg, I hope I see them again because I forgot to take their photo!
It's many, many years since I have been here and things have certainly changed but the beaches are really beautiful.
In the early afternoon I found Barry's house and settled into my comfortable accommodation for the next four days. I had travelled 160kms that day and 1591kms since leaving Saldanha.
As it turned out I didn't go back down to the rally the next day, my host Barry Woan organised a reunion of ex members of the Rhodesian Police force, the BSAP and a wonderful day developed into a session that can only come about with a shared bond, a camaraderie that can only be appreciated by veterans.
After most of the guys left only three of us carried on into the night and Barry made some excellent Kudu boerewors rolls for dinner.
Now as I sit here it is Friday morning, looks like it's going to be a glorious day and I have told the guys that I am definitely going down to the rally! There is a braai organised for Saturday lunch and I'm leaving on Sunday morning, if I'm not careful I won't see Africa Bike Week 2016!


Gerrie Pieterse said...

Wow Andrew, what a trip! I'm sure you'll enjoy the 'gathering' even more now. Have a couple of mateys from Jo'burg attending as well but somehow I think they had a more pleasurable ride.
Be safe!

Trobairitz said...

Fun! How great you had an impromptu reunion of the force.

Rene' Marechal said...

Enjoy and ride safely brother

the rider said...

Thanks my friends, yes actually the reunions that took place were the more enjoyable part of the whole weekend.