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Friday, January 1, 2016

First lunch in 2016

Janet and I went on a wonderful, nostalgic steam train trip on Boxing day and I'm going to post details and photos in my next post, in the meantime here are some photos showing how me and my buddy Frank welcomed the new year in, he came round for lunch;
 Jasus Lalandi our West Coast Rock Lobster, steamed for a couple of minutes and you can see how big these were, they hardly fit in the steamer!
 Doused with garlic butter and smothered with grated cheddar cheese and under the grill.
 Cheers buddy, happy new year, enjoy your meal.
My plate with Janet's delicious savoury rice and avocado, our first lunch for 2016 and may it continue in the same vein, happy new year my friends!

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Trobairitz said...

That is a giant lobster!

Happy New Year.