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Friday, February 6, 2015

Our first club breakfast run for 2015

The first Sunday of the month, breakfast run and the members gathered at the Engen One-stop. It was another warm day and the destination was a restaurant in Citrusdal, a nice ride up the N7 and over the Olifantsrivierbege via the Pikenierskloof Pass. Something to look forward to, the last time I rode that way the temperature was at a killing 45 degrees, it wasn't that hot this time thank goodness.
By the time we had had our famous Wimpy coffee and had chatted with all our friends it was time to saddle up, seventeen bikes roared out of the car park and onto the R45, a nice turn out and five more were heading out from Capetown to meet up with us.
Div set up a healthy pace on his Harley and it was good to see the line of bikes owning the road, we rode through Mooreesburg and onto the N7 stopping for a smoke break just outside of Piketberg. We carried on and stopped up in the pass so that I could get some photos.
Pikenierskloof is a lovely fast road, well maintained with long sweeping bends and a favourite of bikers, because it is the main route up to Namibia it is very busy during the week but on Sundays it is mostly for us and we made good use of it.
 Only ten k's to the "Grapevine" restaurant and by the time we arrived it was warm but luckily the beers were cold.
Everyone divested themselves of their heavy protective clothing and settled into the cool shade, it had been a very enjoyable ride and it was time to relax and eat. As usual conversation revolved around bikes and the ride, what was supposed to be breakfast developed into a lunch by the time we ate but no one was in any hurry.
While we were there five others arrived having ridden up from Capetown, I didn't count the people but Frank said we were more than thirty - an excellent turn out for a breakfast run.

It was a buffet breakfast and the food was plentiful and delicious if rather pricey at R100 per head! By then I was hungry.
As is usually the case after breakfast most of us headed off in our own time but we agreed to stop at Plaasmol on the R45 just outside of Hopefield for a cold one, a bikers pitstop had been established there so it was a good call.

This was new to us, we had stopped here a couple of times in the past but only for coffee, now there's a bar - great stuff! They'll definitely see more bikers pulling in.

We met "Spitbraai" the Namibian lamb, I thought he was a goat but I was assured he was indeed a lamb, too young for the braai at the moment!
A beer or two there and it was time to head home, by then the wind had come up quite strong and we rode the thirty-odd kilometers to the R27 leaning into it. It had been a very good run with a nice bunch of people, the breakfast was good but I don't think I'll rush back there.


Katalina Winter said...

The "Grapevine" looks like a pretty good option for breakfast next time I travel thru to Clanwilliam. A buffet @ R100 p/p is real good value for money since there's usually the option of a second helping ;-)
As long as everyone had a fund and safe ride.

the rider said...

Actually Kat you're right, perhaps I wasn't quite fair there it was a very good breakfast and I'm not sure if the buffet is a regular thing or whether they put it on for us, I'll have to go back.

Trobairitz said...

Great turnout for the ride.

Cute pic of you and the lamb too.

the rider said...

Thanks Brandy, that lamb was wandering around the people quite tame, the owners called him their Jack Russell, I think he thought he was a dog too.

Gerrie Pieterse said...

The buffet was organised for the 'run' especially. Hence the lack of menus or choice. The Grapevine is usually closed on Sundays, but Divi arranged for us to chow there - hence the buffet.

the rider said...

Thanks Gerrie, it's strange that a place like that doesn't open Sundays isn't it? You'd think that would be a busy day for them.