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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Freedom Road, the ride home and a message for the Christian Motorcycle association

This photo by Divi, the club President was taken shortly before I left on Sunday morning, not only was the tent too small for me but it was a mission to fold up and put back in the bag, there is an instruction leaflet but you need two hands to fold the tent so eventually I had to get Frank to hold the leaflet for me! I managed to get it sorted out after a bit of a struggle.
I got back onto the wonderful Bredasdorp to Caledon Road but it wasn't quite as enjoyable as it was on Friday, I was too cold and therefor not as relaxed, the corners felt a bit wobbly so I took it a bit easy until I warmed up and got my mojo back. I didn't want to run out of talent on some tight corner and end up in the wheat.
I took a different, longer route home, actually ended up doing just over 400kms but it was a great ride and I was man alone on roads that I hadn't travelled before, isn't that the way it should be?
Halfway between Bredasdorp and Caledon I took the R326 for 29kms to the N2 and stopped for a very welcome coffee and breakfast in Riviersonderend, feeling much refreshed I pressed 21kms to the Stormsvlei turnoff to Bonnievale and Robertson where this picture was taken. I was impressed by the large number of succulents growing wild in the bush.
Robertson to Worcester the R60 is one of my favourite roads and I ride it fast, 180kmh enjoying the wide sweeps and the smooth surface and most of the motorists move aside - fabulous stuff!
Worcester to Wolseley, they have greatly improved that road and the road-works are almost complete, Wolseley to the Nuwekloof Pass is now an absolute pleasure with double lanes most of the way so it is easy to pass the 18 wheelers. From the Pass to Hermon I rode at an angle leaning into the gale force wind blowing over the road, 17kms of that battering and then it was through to Riebeek with the wind now behind me.
After Riebeek I stopped to take of my jersey and my full gloves, feeling quite warm and I had long ago got my mojo back, having an absolute blast. I was home by 12h30 after a breakfast and two fuel stops, tired (more from lack of sleep) and stiff but happy and ready to do it again, I think this time the Swallows Rally on 23rd March and it's only in Worcester, close by.

To the Christian Motorcycle Association if any of you read this, it was an enjoyable rally but mostly because we make it so. I have a couple of suggestions, some of which you may take note of;
- A beer tent. I know that you guys don't drink alcohol but we do and we all go downtown to the pubs and restaurants, if there was a beer tent we would stay on site more.
- The food stalls were great, some really good food but there was nowhere to sit and eat, you can't stand and eat a greasy breakfast. That big empty area between the food stalls and the main tent would be a very festive area if you put in some seating, maybe the wooden bench and table sets.
-The music! There is nothing wrong with gospel music every now and then, it has it's place but not all the time! The main tent was empty the whole weekend except for the couple of hours for the prizegiving, the dreary music drove the people away, what's wrong with good Rock? Liven things up a bit and you'll get more people.
That's my opinion, I'd love some feedback either from the CMA or from other bikers who go to the Freedom Road Rally.


Trobairitz said...

Glad that rest stop and coffee revitalized you and you had a great ride home.

The tent packing does not look like any fun at all.

George Ferreira said...

I like your recommendations. Yea, I agree, gospel music does get tiring LOL

the rider said...

George I don't know if anyone from CMA reads this but I didn't even mention the strippers, thought that may be pushing it a bit!

the rider said...

Brandy I had a great ride home but I must admit that it takes me two days to recover from a rally! I don't think I'm going to use that tent to often, I have another tent which I normally carry on the bike with me and it's definitely more comfortable.