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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Seafood buffet at Vlakvarkgat, you owe it to yourself.....

I've just told you that we have a lot of restaurants within a short ride of our home, some great, some good and some that are just ok but we are spoiled for choice. Today, Sunday, we decided to head out to "Vlakvarkgat" for lunch again, the "Offal potjie" was calling. It was Janet's suggestion and I was all over it. That place is fast becoming a favourite.
As soon as we arrived we saw that the place was very busy and that, quite frankly was unusual for a Sunday, most of the time there have just been one or two other tables occupied. Surprise number two was that they were having a seafood buffet, this was the reason apparently for the crowd, the owner Eric told us that they were going to be doing this every Sunday from now on but they were happy to do an offal potjie for Janet, his words; "You have to look after your local regulars." Good man, that's how to keep people coming back.
Prawns, calamari tubes, mussels, angel fish, chips and rice - the aromas were absolutely mouth watering and I sat positively drooling while we waited for Janet's food to be served before I dived in, I didn't want to sit chowing in front of her while she waited, Janet was as hungry as I was so we sucked on a Castle lager each while her food was being prepared.
 As soon as Janet's food arrived I was outta there! Back shortly with a dozen prawns to start with and they were delicious, not a single soft or "floury" one amongst them, all firm and crisp and succulent.
There was a plastic bowl on the table for the shells and this was emptied regularly by the attentive staff, they also brought the cold bottle of white wine at the right time, man I was in heaven right then.
 My second plate; fried angel fish fillet, chips, mussels in a creamy garlic sauce and calamari tubes.
 My third plate; fried angel fish fillet, chips, more prawns and more calamari tubes, this time with a spicy peri-peri sauce.
I waited a bit before I went up for my fourth plate, half a dozen more of the excellent prawns, this time with a garlic butter sauce. Man what a meal, I ate about two dozen prawns and they were all absolutely fresh, I haven't had better for years, I was stuffed and all of that for R140! If I could have gone back to the serving table I would have, believe me but we'll definitely be going back there again, probably next Sunday. 
Those of you within riding distance of this place need to join us for lunch next Sunday, see you there!


Trobairitz said...

That is quite the buffet.

Our restaurant selection seems limited in a college town. If you like Chinese food, Indian, or pizza they have you covered.

the rider said...

Hy Brandy, this seafood buffet is going to be on every Sunday apparently so we'll be visiting often as I love seafood and Janet can pack the prawns away too so it's good value.
I must try and do a count of the restaurants withing a forty km radius of our house soon, there's plenty and they're mostly good.