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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Toy run 2014

Sunday is the toy run, this is a special day for me, this will be my seventeenth consecutive run - if I make it, I've got a minor thing to take care of tomorrow.
It's a new start and end venue and I have no idea where the end venue is so we will just follow the crowd. Many of my friends just ride straight through to the end venue without taking part in the mass ride but that sort of defeats the whole object of the ride for me, I love to see the way the people have decorated their bikes with toys, how they dress up and get into the spirit of giving.
Nothing is as moving as seeing the bikes festooned with toys for underprivileged children and once the bikers get involved there's no stopping them! The route is usually lined with people cheering the bikers on and handing toys over to be added to the massive collection, it's an amazing "feel-good" experience.
We're going toy shopping on Saturday morning and then our plan is to ride down on Sunday morning with Frank and we'll pick Janet up at the Viper Lounge and ride through to the gathering point at the Grand West Casino car park, from there we'll follow the mob to the end venue.
I'll let you know how it goes.

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