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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Biker church and a leisurely ride

We were up and about bright and early this morning, a lovely calm summer's day, already daylight at 06h00 but no time for the spa bath with the bottle of bubbly, much to Janet's dismay. We were headed for the "Lighthouse biker church" for their first meeting of 2014, a biker blessing.
Neither of us are habitual church goers, we both believe in the Supreme Being but like Don Williams we don't believe that heaven waits for only those who congregate, but I thought that this one we should attend along with the other bikers in the area with whom we often ride.
We arrived just before 08h00 in time to see all of the others riding in and I must say the service was pretty well attended.
I really, really like Anton's K1600GT - he bought it and immediately had it custom re-sprayed this beautiful pale yellow colour, the photo doesn't really do it justice.
After the service I wandered around taking photos of the people and the bikes;
Craig and Monica, the owners of the Yamaha dealership were riding a brand new MT09, hold on tight Monica that looks like a real hooligan machine!
Malcolm and Elise on their Yamaha Super Tenere', they were one of the first to buy the bike when it came out and are still loving it.
Quite a cool shot of Anton and Mike and their ladies heading out, most of the group were heading to Langebaan for breakfast but we had other plans.
There's no mistaking the big Kawasaki is there?
We rode out to Velddrif and had a light breakfast at the world famous "Ek en Djy Vissery" with Des and Marina, it was still early and the morning was cool and calm, wonderful biking weather.
This is the place where you can buy virtually anything from Marina's delightful paintings at the River Studio next door to a really good breakfast or lunch, or anything from the shop where Des' sense of humour is evident in the variety and nature of the goods on offer, there's even a "Moer Stripper"!
After a couple of cold ones with our friends we cruised back to Saldanha and home, it had been a very enjoyable morning and so good to be out on the bike again even though it was a short ride. A short ride is better than no ride.

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