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Monday, October 14, 2013

R.I.P. Llewelyn Aylward

I write this with great sorrow, I have known this young man since he was a child. He was a wonderful young man, courteous and friendly with a ready smile and he was a biker to the core. Obviously he took his love of motorcycles from his Father Joe and was always seen at dayjols having fun and competing in the biker games, particularly the slow races at which he excelled.
He was a credit to his parents and in this day and age when all too often young people are lazy and indolent he lived life to the full, working with his hands and getting involved in the biker lifestyle working at the Vredenburg Yamaha agent.
I saw him on Friday when I dropped in to the bike shop, we shook hands and chatted, shared a joke. I learnt the next day that that evening he had been involved in an accident, apparently someone in a bakkie turned across in front of him and he had no chance.
It's difficult to understand why this should happen to someone so vibrant, so young and full of potential, he leaves behind a great many friends of all ages.
Sincere condolences, thoughts and prayers for strength go out to his parents Joe and Eleanor and to his girlfriend Stacy-lee.
May his dear soul rest in peace.


Chiller tek said...

My condolences on your loss mate, another young biker taken from us far to soon.

All the best to his family and friends.


the rider said...

Thank you brother.

Richard said...

Allways sad to hear of a biker killed, even worse when they are a great young man like this.

Stacey Kemp said...

Still cant believe it after 8 months . Missing him like crazy... thank you to all the bikers for their on going support. Through the bikers ive really learned what family is and means. Its amazing how they all support and stick yogeyhrr