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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Meeulanders MCC annual Dart Run

I've just had a really nice jol with the Meeulanders Motorcycle Club, it was the occasion of their annual "Dart Run" which is very similar to a poker run except that you throw a dart instead of drawing a card. I must just clarify that skill at darts does not count here, you'll see why, I am hopeless at darts and even I stood a chance of winning......I didn't though.
We met at a dance hall/pub in Vredenburg called "Wingerd" where the first dart was thrown and boerewors rolls were served to line the stomach, a good idea because there was bound to be some drinking.
While the first darts were being thrown others were busy with the boerewors outside on the fire.
Alex and Steve waiting for there chance to throw a dart and to eat a roll, they didn't wait to get a drink!
Div the President kept everything under tight control and at 13h30 we saddled up, thirteen motorbikes and two cars and headed down to the Beach Club in Saldanha for the second dart.
This time the board was hung from a pole and we all had to throw left-handed, here Frank has his go.
A little bit of wrist action from Willie.
Stephen looks like he knows what he's doing but he's a "lefty" so he had to use his right hand.
Time only for one drink and we're on the way again, this time back up to Laaiplek to "Die Visvlekhuis", it was a lovely warm and calm day, no wind, a lovely day for riding. We thundered along in a staggered formation to the harbour at the mouth of the Berg river.
 The third dart was an awkward throw with some people having to try a good few times, Frank's first dart missed the board and flew into the road, luckily no one was driving past!
 You can see now why I said that anyone had a chance although I was pretty much out of the running, by this stage I had only amassed a score of 24.
From there we rode out along the coastal road towards Eland's Bay, unfortunately this road is being ruined by heavy vehicles and has some serious potholes so we took it easy. We stopped at a factory site about halfway between Velddrif and Eland's Bay for the fourth dart, one of the cars had been carrying a cooler box full of ice cold beers for this very occasion. Another indication of the first class organisation!
 Frank and I discuss tactics over a cold one.
We suggested that for this round Div should hold the board but he very wisely decided against it!
Carmen lines up her throw while Div keeps score, only a short while spent there, time only for one drink and we're on the road again. A short ride through to Eland's Bay, a relatively slow cruise and soon we were lining up outside the hotel.
 The bar was crowded with visitors and locals and they only had one barlady! It was a bit hectic trying to get a drink, the reason was the Currie Cup final game between Western Province and the Sharks, we settled down a bit once we got our first rounds in,
Steve got it right, when he got the lady's attention he ordered two double whiskys, one for now and the other for now-now.
 Once the (disappointing for most) rugby was over the crowd thinned out and we pretty much had the place to ourselves. Bonfires were lit outside and it was time for the final dart.
 As the evening progressed the prizes were dished out and the dinner was prepared, here Willie takes care of the meat while Gerrie and Div look on hungrily, actually the food was bloody good; Karoo lamb chops, boerewors and salads, it went down very well.
After that things got a little hazy, gradually people went off to bed until there were only five die-hards left;
Me, Alex, Frank, Gerrie and Mercier, by then the lights had gone out, the fire had gone out and the bar had closed long ago. It wasn't long until we had finished the extra booze we had bought at closing time!

Alex and Mercier, a really nice biker couple who were both riding their own ZX14's

I faded at around 02h00, it had been a great party and it was time for a couple of hours sleep.
I was awake at 06h00, I got up and dressed and went in search of some coffee but there was no sign of anyone around so I thought I might as well get going, only 100kms home and I could get decent coffee there, I didn't feel like hanging around for breakfast.
No biker jol is complete without a picture of Frank sleeping! He just crashes, this picture is blurred probably because either he or I was still pissed!
 I rolled out of the parking area at exactly 07h00 into a heavy fog, it was cold but really enjoyable, I had to take it easy anyway because of the bad road so I settled down to a cruise.
 I was in fog all the way to Velddrif, sometimes extremely heavy but halfway between there and Vredenburg it lifted revealing a sunny sky, and that last part of the ride I opened up, flying along through the chilly early morning - just me and my shadow.
Thanks to Div and the members of the Meeulanders for taking me along, I had a blast with a great bunch of people.

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