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Saturday, August 17, 2013

I ride the new FJR1300 and review "Motorcycle House"

This past week the weather has been bloody awful, Mother Nature has hit with a vengeance and lashed us with gale force northerly winds and lots of rain so working out on the mussel farm has not been particularly pleasant! Also obviously the motorbike has stayed covered, no riding in this crap.
Friday was no different, we managed to get our work done before the wind came up, but come up it did, so when Craig Welsh from West Coast Yamaha phoned me at midday I wasn't sure what to expect;
He; - "Are you coming through to Vredenburg this afternoon?" he knows that Frank and I usually play pool every Friday.
Me; - "Yes, why?"
He; - "Bring your crash helmet, I've got a surprise for you."
Cool, intrigued but still the weather was bad, the rain had gone but the wind was pumping.
When I walked in to the shop I immediately spotted the new FJR standing by the door, surely that wasn't it?
"Take it for a ride." says he and I needed no further persuading, beautiful in black a 2013 Yamaha FJR1300! This bike has a host of electronics including ABS and traction control (which can be switched off), touring and sport mode, heated grips, electrically adjustable windscreen and it has a "shedload" of power!
I took it up to the St Helena Bay turnoff, only about ten kilometres and unfortunately the wind was blowing so hard that it was causing me to ride along leaning to the left but I could feel the grunt.
Riding back towards the shop I opened it up a bit and easily reached 180kmh, the bike wanted to do much more but I didn't, not in those weather conditions so I tapped off. I must say though that the bike inspires confidence, it felt very nimble and light and I would really like to take it for a run in better weather. I'll speak to Craig again and maybe take Janet along, see what she thinks. This bike is for sale for R160,000 including panniers, the normal price is R180,000 - a lovely machine and I loved it in black.
On other matters relating to my favourite pastime I was introduced recently to a website of a company apparently in California, so it may be known to many of you; http://www.motorcyclehouse.com/ I was particularly struck by the sheer amount of the products that they carry, from clothing and accessories to luggage and to me the prices seem bloody good.

I particularly liked the retro look of this leather jacket which is priced at $79 which in our money is about R790, I cannot get this type of clothing for anywhere near this price here in South Africa. Even having to pay shipping costs it would still be cheaper than local, I shall have to investigate getting one.
Motorcycle House appears to have a very large workshop and spares section as well, it's worth a look.
Stay safe brothers and sisters, keep the rubber side down and we'll talk again soon.

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